Monday, June 19, 2006

X-Zone Radio Show Appearance

FYI - I'll be on the X-Zone radio show with Rob McConnell tonight at 11 pm EST. If you happen to be in Halifax, you can listen to the show live on 920 CJCH AM.

In a weird coincidence, Dave Sadler, who was one of the other speakers at Stuart Miller's UFO Review Conference back on June 10th, will also be on tonight's show. Dave gave a good presentation, and should be worth a listen tonight as well.

Paul Kimball


Ray Palm (Ray X) said...


Just caught the 3 AM (Eastern Time) refeed of the show. Good job. As you said, you're not a sociologist, but your comments regarding the cultural influence on UFO reports and other paranormal subjects was right on target. Part of the problem is how some think The X-Files TV series was based on actual events -- when, in fact, it was based on conspiracy theories, done for the sake of entertainment, not truth.


PS: At the end of show, it seemed your phone connection had been cut; just heard static. NSA? [G] (OK, I'm a paranoid American.)

Paul Kimball said...



As for the phone, it's a simple answer - I was on a cordless, and the power ran out before I could make it to the land line in the next room! Occam's razor combined with Murphy's Law!! :-)