Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Original Shag Harbour UFO Story

Ray MacLeod was a reporter for the Halifax Chronicle Herald in 1967, and was the man who initially covered the Shag Harbour UFO incident. His recollection of the events, his reportage, his thoughts on why he was pulled from the story, and his original article, can be seen at MacLeod's blog "Ray's Place".

Part 1

Part 2

An excerpt:

I arrived early Sunday night to start following leads on the Shag Harbour story. I was told management (above the managing editor level) had taken me off and arranged for Bentley to do all follow-ups “because we feel we can handle it better on dayside.” On the quiet, I was told David would have specific instructions and direct supervision. The next day, I ran into Bentley as the shifts changed. He drew me aside and apologized profusely, saying it wasn’t his idea and he didn’t like the smell of it. I asked him why he had not followed up some of my contacts, including RCAF Squadron Leader Bain in Ottawa whose comment had been used for my headline. Bentley stared at me and said Bain did not exist. I was never sure how to take that.
More information on his editor at the time, David Bentley, can be found here.

Interesting stuff from the first guy to cover the story.

Paul Kimball

New Menzel / MJ-12 theory

Well, not new exactly... something I noticed about three years ago, that might have a bearing on whether Donald H. Menzel could have been a member of the alleged UFO cover-up group MJ-12, as Stanton Friedman has long maintained was the case.

Check the number of letters in Menzel's full name:

Donald - 6
Howard - 6
Menzel - 6

Donald Howard Menzel = 666!

The number of the beast!! Not only was Menzel a member of MJ-12, he was apparently also the anti-Christ!!

I'm shocked that Friedman missed this. Shocked.

Paul Kimball

Friday, December 26, 2008

2008 Zorgy Awards

This year Rear Admiral Zorgrot and I have decided on the nominations ourselves (as we did in 2006), but as always we leave the voting to you! The polls will close on January 4, 2009.

Top Podcast
Strange Days Indeed
Binnall of America
Culture of Contact
The Paracast
Radio Misterioso
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Top Troublemaker
Rich Reynolds
Alfred Lehmberg
James W. Moseley
Jeremy Vaeni
David Biedny
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Top Publication
Fortean Times
Alien Worlds
UFO Magazine
Fate Magazine
Saucer Smear
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Top Paranormal researcher
Loren Coleman
Nick Redfern
Stanton Friedman
Jeff Belanger
Nick Pope
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Top Blog
UFO Mystic (Redfern & Bishop)
Posthuman Blues (Mac Tonnies)
A Different Perspective (Kevin Randle)
Entangled Minds (Dean Radin)
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Top Paranormal News Service
The Daily Grail
Alien Worlds
The Debris Field
The Anomalist
The Keyhoe Report
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Top Messageboard
Book of Thoth
The Paracast
Above Top Secret
Department 47
Binnall of America
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Let the voting commence!

Paul Kimball