Thursday, June 01, 2006

Ufology's Generation NOW - #5, John Greenewald, Jr.

John Greenewald Jr., only 25 years old, is well on his way to becoming the master of all paranormal media. His output has been prodigious in a relatively short period of time (although Greenewald started in his mid-teens). He's a regular on the UFO conference circuit, his website
The Black Vault
contains the largest on-line collection of de-classified United States government documents (over 400,000, and growing), and has over 30,000 registered users, 15,000 articles to read, and 400,000 message forum posts. If that wasn't enough, Greenewald has broadened his horizons to include myriad aspects of the paranormal, and other subjects, as he has moved into the world of film and television. He has started a Black Vault Encyclopedia project, which promses to be a sort of Wikipedia for the paranormal.


The one area where Greenewald has yet to really assert himself is in analysis, and interpretation, of the data that he has collected, but that may come with time. Regardless, Greenewald has accomplished a great deal so far, and is well postioned to do even more in the future.

Paul Kimball

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