Monday, June 26, 2006

UFO / Para-science Conference in Halifax?

I've been hearing rumours for about a week now that some masochist is considering holding a UFO / para-science conference here in Halifax this fall, possibly in the first week of October. Those rumours indicate that Will Wise, Mac Tonnies, and Greg Bishop have tentatively agreed to speak, should the conference get the go-ahead. Other potential speakers are as yet unconfirmed, but some of the other names I've heard bandied about are just as interesting as the aforementioned group.

As I receive more information, I shall, of course, post it here.

Paul Kimball


Anonymous said...

I'd been hoping for something like this since I heard you discuss the idea on Radio Misterioso. If such a gathering were to occur is there any chance it would be filmed for posterity for those of us who couldn't make it?

Mac said...

I second AJG's question. Seems to me it would make a cool DVD. As long as the Tonnies fellow doesn't f*cking *mumble*!