Friday, October 30, 2015

Victimizing the Victims

It should probably come as no surprise that "researchers" like Budd Hopkins and David Jacobs attract unsavory supporters / defenders, but Sean Meers takes the proverbial cake. Here he is threatening Emma Woods earlier this evening on the Paracast forums, where he goes by the handle "kruggutter":

A thug like Meers continues to have free rein at the Paracast forums (and elsewhere), where he threatens Emma Woods with further victimization, long after she was banned. 

Ufology in a nutshell.

Paul Kimball

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Ufology and Misogyny

Male-dominated ufology's general view of women

Every now and then someone writes a well-meaning blog post or article about the problems with ufology, and how to fix them. Virtually none of those articles mention the misogyny that permeates ufology, and which represents one of the biggest and most pernicious problems with the ufological subculture. Nowhere has that been on display more fully than in the coverage of the Emma Woods story over the past several years. If you want to see it in full force, check out some of the comments at the Paracast forum thread discussing the latest appearance by David Jacobs on that program. It should act as an eye-opener for anyone who hasn't been paying attention.

Paul Kimball