Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Tonnies and the Crytpoterrestrials

Mac Tonnies is continuing to refine his cryptoterrestrial hypothesis over at his blog, Posthuman Blues. If you haven't been following along, you should. Here's an excerpt from the latest instalment:

If my hypothetical indigenous humanoids practice telepresence at the neurological level -- perhaps by manipulating the electromagnetic fields that constitute "consciousness" -- the implications are far more disturbing than one might think. The ability to transfer "souls" entails the possibility of "possession." It also allows for "Walk-Ins" and "Wanderers," New Age terms for alleged noncorporeal aliens who take command of human bodies. Taken to its logical extreme, "biological telepresence" offers an expansive -- if tentative -- explanation for myriad "occult" phenomena. It potentially explains why we seldom see the cryptoterrestrials in the flesh: If they've mastered the technique of projecting themselves into our world from the safety of their enclaves, they'd have little reason to "mingle" with us unless compelled by an important purpose."

A. J. Gulyas had this to say about Mac's theorizing:

This Cryptoterrestrial thing that Mac Tonnies is working on is really starting to take the form of something that will be spoken of in the same tones as the ETH, extradimensional hypothesis, etc. It ties into so many long-standing esoteric themes – contactees, Shaverian Devos, fair-folk, etc.– so
well. It’s very exciting, as good ideas often are."

The cryptoterrestrial idea is interesting... espeically as it ties together, as A. J. notes, many disparate elements (a unified-field theory for ufology in the making?? ). I'm an ETH guy (as far as theories go), but I'm willing to follow along, and watch as this new theory develops before our eyes. Let's see where it goes, and what evidence Mac musters to support it.

A. J. is a bright guy, too - check out his blog, which is listed on the sidebar (or you can link to it here).

Paul Kimball

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