Thursday, June 01, 2006


In case you wonder why I have Will on my top 10 list of Ufology's Generation NOW, here's why:

"First of all, let me say thanks to Paul for including my name in his top-ten list of Ufology's Generation NOW and for his kind words and vote of confidence!

Unfortunately, although Paul has yet to reveal his full list of young(ish) Ufologers I fear that none of those on it, myself included, have it in us to bring this issue far enough forward to get science to seriously consider researching the phenomenon. Realistically, we can probably help preserve the body of reliable knowledge that has been accumulated thus far and perhaps even make some modest progress by adding to it. Considering that even a relatively well funded and reasonable project like SETI, staffed by a good number of level-headed PhDs, is often accused of being quasi-religious and engaged in fringe science I doubt we will see any great change in official or academic attitudes toward UFO research barring another significant wave of well publicized sightings.

Perhaps our best hope is that by preserving the history of the phenomenon, and ultimately providing a cogent and readily digestible analysis of it, we will help those in the future who are in a position to make a difference avoid the stumbling blocks that served to stymie serious efforts to study the phenomenon in the past."

It's cogent analysis and clear thinking like this that makes him one of the Generation NOW guys!

Well said, Will.

Paul Kimball


Mac said...

I'm enjoying the list. You've introduced me to a few names I should have been familiar with.

Paul Kimball said...


That was one of my motivations! :-)