Monday, June 12, 2006

Stuart Miller

As I sit typing this short missive on Stuart Miller's computer in his home near Altrincham in the United Kingdom, let me just say this - he's one hell of a good guy. I've enjoyed spending time with him and his family immensely (they were kind enough to put us up the last three days). Attendance at the Conference on Saturday was very low, but that had a lot to do with it being held at the same time as England's first World Cup match, I think. Still, Stuart worked hard to pull it together, put on an interesting, diverse line-up of speakers (well, except for yours truly), and didn't get discouraged by the poor turn-out. I hope he gives it another go next year - I'd be be glad to come back, even if I wasn't speaking (if nothing else, it would give me an excuse to visit Blackpool again - Findlay and I went yesterday, and it was a hoot!!).

Ufology needs more good guys like Stuart Miller. Thanks for everything, Stuart!

Paul Kimball
Deep in the heart of north-west England


Mac said...

I'm a Stuart Miller fan, too. He took the time to interview me about my Mars book via phone and even ran his transcript by me so I could catch any errors. How many ufological journalists go to *that* effort?

Paul Kimball said...


Stuart is a "peach", no doubt about it. Ufology is better for having him around.