Friday, June 16, 2006


I got back from a wonderful trip to the United Kingdom last night. We got lots of good footage for Best Evidence, it was nice to see Nick Redfern again, and it was great to meet Stuart Miller, Martin Beattie, and Nick Pope. I even managed to make an appearance, with Nick and Stuart, on Strange Days... Indeed, which you can listen to as a podcast here (it's the June 10th show).

While in the UK, I decided that I would finally get around to adding a new feature here at The Other Side of Truth - interviews with various figures in ufology. First up will be Stuart Miller, once I finish transcribing the interview sometime next week. In the meantime, here's a teaser:

"I'd like, ideally, the 'space brothers' theory to be the reality. My suspicion is that it's paranormal. I have come to the conclusion over the last year, two years, that it's all roped in together - that there's something happening out there, that ghosts and fairies and UFOs are probably, in some way, linked, and there is an intelligence that chooses to play with us, for whatever reason."

Stuart also talks about various figures within ufology, including Errol Bruce-Knapp, Nick Pope, Andy Roberts, Stan Friedman, and Alfred Lehmberg. It will be an interesting read, believe me!

Paul Kimball


Anonymous said...

Welcome back Paul!

Time to pony up that #1 Ufologer you've been promising us!



Mac said...

Good to have you back. I like the interview idea. Looking forward to reading Stuart's!