Monday, June 05, 2006

Greg Bishop - Surf... or turf?

It seems that, when it comes to surf vs. turf, Greg is definitely "surf"!

Of course, when in Nova Scotia, all visitors seem to feel obliged to try some crustacean. Go figure - I can't stand the little bastards. Yech!

The photo is from Greg's visit here in April to be interviewed for Fields of Fear - I took him down to Peggy's Cove, where we took in an absolutely stunning sunset and sampled the fare at the Sou'Wester Restaurant - he had the lobster, while I had the fish and chips. In both cases, they were as fresh as can be, having just been pulled off the boats.

Paul Kimball


Mac said...

I'm with you -- crustaceans (in their shells, at least) give me the creeps.

Kyle said...

Hey Paul -

Did you notice the UFO just above and right of the lighthouse in your sunset photo?

Or is that "Planet X" making a rare appearance?


For the record, I LOVE crustaceans...crab, shrimp, lobster, mudbugs...the whole lot! MMmmmmmm!