Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Veronica Reynolds UFO Fan Club - Vol. IV

Ahh, what the heck... one more VR photo, courtesy of Mac Tonnies, who took it on his cell phone at a hotel bar in Santa Ana back in May (Embassy Suites, I think), when the three of us went out for a few drinks, and wound up at an after-party for some wedding on the 6th floor. Mac and I got ditched by VR and wound up talking to some guy for two hours about comic-book heroes, all while he tried to demonstrate his black belt kung fu (or whatever) techniques on me. Unfortunately, he had been drinking heavily, so when he'd give me a chop (or whatever), despite his claims to be able to pull his punches... well, let's just say that I politely tried to keep him from demonstrating the "Iron Fist Killing Blow" on my throat!

It was an experience as surreal as any UFO sighting!!

Paul Kimball


City Slicker said...

Enjoyed it
Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

Three words for the next time this happens:

"monkey steals peach"




Paul Kimball said...


Hahahaha... very nice!


Paul Kimball said...


Thanks. :-)