Thursday, June 22, 2006

UFO Research: Findings vs. Facts

Any article that quotes Kevin Randle, Seth Shostak, Bruce Maccabee, Robert Sheaffer, and NARCAP's Ted Roe is bound to be interesting. has one out today, titled UFO Research: Findings vs. Facts, that is definitely worth a read.

Here is what Kevin had to say:

"I would have to say that we're stuck in neutral," said Kevin Randle, a leading expert and writer on UFOs and is known as a dogged researcher of the phenomena. There's no real new research, he said, and that's "because we have to revisit the trash of the past."

Randle points to yesteryear stories, one stretching back in time to a supposed 1897 airship crash in Aurora, Texas, long proven to be a hoax by two con men—yet continues to surface in UFO circles.

Then there's the celebrated Thomas Mantell saga, a pilot that lost his life chasing a UFO in 1948. There are those that contend he was killed by a blue beam from a UFO, Randle said "even though we have known for years that the UFO was a balloon and he violated regulations by climbing above 14,000 feet without oxygen equipment. I mean, we know this, and yet there are those who believe that Mantell was killed by aliens."

Randle's advice is to the point: "We need to begin to apply rigorous standards of research … stop accepting what we wish to believe even when the evidence is poor, and begin thinking ahead."

Like I said, an interesting article.

Paul Kimball


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