Sunday, March 29, 2015

Stanton Friedman's Public Statement on the "Roswell Slides"

I could find no convincing information that there is any connection between the slides and Roswell... I don’t want to appear to add legitimacy by my presence in Mexico City in the absence of serious evidence of the slides being what is being claimed they are. 

I keep being asked my views about the so-called “Roswell” Slides. So, let me summarize my position. I have tried to obtain as much information as possible and responded with interest when at the International UFO Congress in Scottsdale, Arizona, in Mid-February, I was interviewed by journalist Jaime Maussan of Mexico City who has arranged for a huge event focused on the slides. I recall the so called Roswell Autopsy which turned out to be a fiasco. I had spoken with Ray Santilli over the phone, checked on a number of his claims which turned out to be false, met with him twice in England and even had some comments distributed at his big press conference.

Jaime invited me to attend the May 5, Mexico City, conference as had Don Schmitt. My expenses would be paid. My first thought was that since I would be asked about my views, as the original civilian investigator of the Roswell crashed saucer event, it would be nice to have first hand information. I read as much as I could, positive and negative. I have not held copies of the slides. I could find no convincing information that there is any connection between the slides and Roswell. How would an outsider gain access to the real bodies? I worked under security for 14 years and have been to classified facilities in New Mexico. The barriers are tough. I have seen no specific data to convince me that these are phony. But that doesn’t establish a connection with Roswell events. Yes, I am still convinced that alien spacecraft with bodies on board crashed near Corona, in the Plains of San Augustin, and near Aztec. But I don’t want to appear to add legitimacy by my presence in Mexico City in the absence of serious evidence of the slides being what is being claimed they are. Absence of evidence is NOT evidence of absence and I have a large “gray” basket.

Stanton Friedman

Note: Originally published at the UFO Chronicles.

The 1977 Tehran UFO Sighting

An article from the front page of the Kingsport Post - News on 19 May, 1977 (Vol. 15, No. 20) in Kingsport, Tennessee, detailing the Tehran UFO sighting of 19 September, 1976, which was featured in my film Best Evidence: Top 10 UFO Sightings.

Paul Kimball

Radio Appearance - 29 March 2015

For those interested in the paranormal, I'll be on radio out of the United Kingdom today discussing ghosts, UFOs, and whatever else pops up... and I may sneak in a revelation or two about the "Roswell slides" if I'm feeling mischievous. If I have my time conversion right, it's at 4:30 Halifax time (after the hosts chat amongst themselves for 1/2 hour).

Paul Kimball

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Stan Friedman says "No" to involvement in Roswell slides May 5th circus

Chris Rutkowski posted in our sub rosa Facebook group looking into the "Roswell slides" that he had heard from the dean of pro-ET Roswell researchers Stan Friedman that Stan had been asked to appear at the May 5th event in Mexico City being staged by the slides promoters, and that Stan had declined. I contacted Stan yesterday and asked him to confirm this, and he did. "I can't find a connection between the slides and aliens at Roswell," he replied.

I followed up with Stan and asked him three specific questions on the record:

1. Who invited him to attend;

2. Was he going to be paid; and

3. Did he see the slides, or were they expecting him to participate without first having seen them.

His reply:
I was interviewed separately by Dew and Maussan at the 24th Annual International UFO Congress in Scottsdale Arizona Feb.18-22.and Maussan who has interviewed me before, broached the possibility of my attending the May 5 event with all expenses paid.No other remuneration was offered. I was on my way to San Diego to give a lecture at the Association of Electronics Industries on Feb. 25. On return here I received an email from Don Schmitt urging me to attend and then a note from Jaime.I saw some poor screen images, but did not handle or examine the slides. Several people I respect strongly urged me not to attend. After I told them (S and M) I had decided not to go, I received a brief note expressing regrets from Tom Carey. My original thinking was that I was certainly going to be asked about the slides afterward so that getting first hand information would allow me tO express an "enlightened" evaluation.
Anyway, good for Stan. He and I may disagree about Roswell in general, but when it comes to the "slides" we are in accord. 

Paul Kimball

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Gray Barker and Me

Standing next to my prized Gray Barker "They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers" print before heading out for a walk this morning. 

Paul Kimball

Frank Scully and the Aztec UFO Con in the (Old) News

Here is a photo of the Hollywood gossip columnist and author Frank Scully, of Aztec UFO hoax fame (or infamy, depending upon your point of view), from the 25 September, 1950 edition of the Toledo Blade. You can find the full article here, fellow saucerians!

Meanwhile, here is some sensible commentary about Aztec and Scully (and other related things) from the St. Petersburg Times on 4 February, 1951.

Hoaxes / cons are powerful things. So long as there are credulous people whose will to believe overrides their common sense, there will always be the Aztecs of the world... including, as it turns out, the Aztec hoax, which still lives on today for a few die-hard proponents.

Paul Kimball 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Rating my UFO Documentaries

All of my UFO-related documentaries are now freely available on-line through various distributors (or you can pay to download them or buy DVDs if you want). An old friend and I were having a beer the other night and asked me how I would rate my own films. I thought about it, and originally posted at my Facebook page my ratings for all of my old docs, but I've winnowed them down to just the UFO ones here (as with's record ratings, out of 5 stars).

I still consider the Friedman film to be the best documentary I ever made on any subject, and I think Fields of Fear isn't bad, either (although it suffered from having a smaller budget and therefore less production value). Others may rate them higher, or they may rate them lower, but I've tried to be as objective as I can be, and this is where they fall for me.

Paul Kimball

Galt, Ontario UFO sighting - 1957

A lesser-known UFO case from Canada in 1957, as reported in a local paper in Alberta (although the sighting occurred in Ontario).

Paul Kimball

Roswell in Context

One of the most oft-repeated claims of the proponents of the Roswell Incident as a crash of an alien spacecraft is that highly trained personnel at the 509th Bombardment Group stationed in Roswell, such as Jesse Marcel, could not have possibly mistaken a balloon, even if it was part of a top secret project like Mogul, for a "flying saucer," by which the Roswell proponents mean "alien spacecraft." In doing so, the Roswell proponents have committed two of the most grievous mistakes that anyone can make when conducting historical research - they have projected their own interpretation on to events, and they have ignored the context surrounding those events.

I have written about that context before, as have others. The Kenneth Arnold sighting, which received major media coverage, was still fresh in everyone's minds. While memes did not spread quite as quickly in the late 1940s through old school media as they do today in the Internet age, they could still move pretty fast, and they could sweep up a populace in hysteria (and other emotional responses), responses which could quickly take root. Flying Saucers were everywhere in the media in late June and early July 1947, to the point that we should not be surprised if someone - even an intelligence officer like Jesse Marcel, or an information officer like Walter Haut, both of whom would have been inundated with the same media sensation reports as everyone else - made a mistake in the heat of the moment when confronted with something that was a bit anomalous to them, and identified it as one of the "flying discs / saucers" that they had been hearing so much about.

It wasn't just the United States, either. Here is a front-page piece from the Sydney Morning Herald in Australia from 8 July, 1947, talking about flying saucers, both in Australia and also Canada.

Jesse Marcel and Walter Haut were not superhuman beings with perfect powers of observation, and an immunity to the broader social dialogue that was taking place at the time. Neither was anyone else stationed at Roswell. Any reasonable person can see this - certainly any historian of repute can recognize what was at work, not just in Roswell but world-wide. Sightings begat reports which begat other sightings which begat more reports which... well, you get how it works. This isn't to say that some of the sightings may not have been real; but the vast majority, and perhaps even all of them, were the result of a frenzy of interest whipped up during that time period by media reports. As it turns out, people who knew what they were talking about at the time recognized what was going on, as can be seen from the following article in The Daily Illini in Illinois a few days after the Roswell incident was reported.

The Roswell incident fits that pattern to a "t", which is why it was so quickly forgotten. It was only decades later, when memories had gotten shorter and the tales had gotten taller, that the story resurfaced and was mythologized by a group of UFO proponents who ignored the context of the original story, and who placed an interpretation on events coloured by their own belief systems.

Paul Kimball

Synchronicity with Silas Newton

From the Pittsburgh Press, 1 August 1930... synchronistic proof that I was fated to make a documentary about Newton's Aztec hoax, two decades before he perpetrated it and almost four decades before I was born!

Paul Kimball

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Stanton Friedman on the Condon Committee

Meanwhile, because there is more to life, and even UFOs and ufology, than the Roswell slides, here is a fun blast from the past - an article from the January 30, 1969 edition of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette featuring the one and only flying saucer physicist, Stan Friedman,  taking shots at the Condon Committee report on UFOs.

Paul Kimball

The Curse of the (Roswell Slides) Mummy?

The Roswell slides promoters seem to be obsessed with the idea that real researchers are all convinced that the "being" depicted in the Roswell slides is a mummy. Yes, that is a possibility that many have raised, but no-one has yet put that forward as a final conclusion (although I am still happy to take orders for my "It's a mummy, dummy" merchandise!).

So while no firm conclusion has yet been put forward publicly by the skeptics (as opposed to the promoters, who have positively asserted it to be a space alien from the supposed Roswell crash), could it have been a mummy? Is that prospect so far-fetched?

Well, no... as anyone who isn't a Roswell-is-aliens true believer (or a con man looking to soak money out of said true believers) would understand. Mummies were fairly common sideshow and carnival attractions back in the 1940s. For example, here is a newspaper article from the Hanover Evening Sun in late August, 1947, for a fair in Hannover, Pennsylvania (courtesy of Tim Printy):

Is this or something like it the Roswell slides being? 

You'll have to wait until May 4th to find out for certain. But one thing is for sure - when the slides promoters tell you that it absolutely can't be a mummy, they clearly don't know very much about mummies, or history.

Paul Kimball

The 4th of May!!

Breaking news, Roswell slides fans!

I have received, from a secret source, full resolution copies of the infamous slides. 

I am working with some media colleagues and actual scientists now to pull together an event that will reveal the truth about the slides. The wheels are in motion for a live and FREE to view event that we will stream on MAY the 4th, one day before the con event that will be held in Mexico City by the Slides promoters. 

That's right, folks - the day before you'll have to pay up to see them from the slides promoters, my colleagues and I will be presenting the evidence for free!

Why? Because I can, and because it will be fun. Consider it my gift to ufology for all the things it has given me over the years.

Stay tuned for details coming in early April, once we get the technical details worked out. But remember - you will have access to the truth from us the day before you'll have the boondoggle from the slides promoters - and it will be FREE!

Paul Kimball

All Of This Has Happened Before...

This Pittsburgh newspaper article about Roswell comes from 1997. You might recognize the names - they haven't really changed in decades (with the exception of poor Karl Pflock, who passed away several years ago from ALS).

The article can be viewed here as well.

As the saying went in the remake of Battlestar Galactica: All of this has happened before.

Paul Kimball

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Stan Friedman - Space Aliens and the Bible

Stan Friedman talks to Rev. Barry Downing about why space aliens might be here, and how the Bible might factor into it, in this short excerpt from footage shot in 2001 in Irvine, California for my documentary Stanton T. Friedman is Real. This is raw "fly on the wall" footage so at one point you can actually hear my director of photography Findlay Muir talking to the sound guy John Rosborough about a camera move.

Paul Kimball

Kevin Randle - Good UFO Cases Not Named "Roswell"

Kevin Randle answers the question of whether he thinks that there are any other good UFO cases besides Roswell in this excerpt from an interview I conducted with him in September, 2001. His ultimate conclusion might surprise some people - that the space aliens were here but seem to have left, a position that was also held by the late Karl Pflock.

Paul Kimball

Paranormal Weather

Apropos of nothing, really, but yet another snowstorm has slammed into Halifax.

Of course, not everyone in my house hates the snow. My teddy polar bear Henry gets wistful when it snows - he says it reminds him of his home in the arctic, before he headed south in search of fame and fortune.

Zorgrot, on the other hand, is thoroughly fed up. He's watching tropical islands on the scenery channel right now.

Meanwhile, being snowed in gives me time to go through more old interview footage. Expect some more clips today... assuming the power doesn't give out.

Paul Kimball

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Kevin Randle

Kevin Randle and I have been sniping at each other since we fell out in the fall of 2013. I do it directly, and he tends to do it by allowing people like Anthony Bragalia to publish columns at Randle's blog bashing me. Two sides of the same coin.

Well, it ends here, at least for my part. I did what I did, and I said what I said. Would I change it now if I could? Probably, but only because none of this paranormal stuff is really important to me to the point where I want to get enmeshed in feuds. I have a happy life that has nothing to do with all of these interpersonal squabbles about and within a subject that only the tiniest fraction of the population care about.

Besides, my original criticism of Randle was for mistakes he was making and half-truths that he was telling. I believe I was right, and Randle disputes that... but here's the thing - I've done the exact same things. I've made plenty of mistakes (including an entire feature film that was an unmitigated disaster), and I've also been less than completely honest at times. Who hasn't? So time to bury the hatchet, at least from my end, in my own way - I'll give Kevin the last word, traveling back in time to an interview I did with him in 2005 wherein I asked him about the media, which is at least in part what I do for a living. Here is his answer.

Randle isn't the anti-Christ, and neither am I. We're no more or less than two flawed human beings, making our way through this life as best we can... just like everyone else.

Paul Kimball

Nick Redfern - Pigeon Man!

For those who think that paranormal research is earth-shattering and paradigm altering stuff that requires everyone to be deadly serious all the time, here's a reminder that some of us, aka members of the infamous Cabal, know how to have a laugh, including at our own expense. We understand that having fun and a good time is what life is really all about.

Maybe one of these days I'll get around to posting photos of Nick in his actual Pigeon Man costume, as he fights his arch-foe, Montezuma Hall!

Paul Kimball

Nick Redfern and Orlando Pla - Puerto Rico chupacabra case, 2005

Researchers Nick Redfern and Orlando Pla travel deep into rural Puerto Rico to interview "Henry," a pig farmer who claims his animals were attacked by the legendary chupacabra. This is a clip from footage shot in 2005 for my documentary Fields of Fear that didn't make the final film.

Paul Kimball

Greg Bishop - Evidence for Human Involvement in Cattle Mutilations

My good friend Greg Bishop offers some thoughts on evidence for the cattle mutilation phenomenon and what it might mean in this clip from an interview I conducted with him in 2005.

Paul Kimball

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Nick Redfern - The UK and UFOs

Nick Redfern discusses British government interest in the UFO phenomenon in this excerpt from an interview I conducted with him in Aztec, New Mexico, in March 2003.

Paul Kimball

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Karl Pflock - Debunking the Roswell Myth

The late Karl Pflock, author of the book Roswell: Inconvenient Facts and the Will to Believe, deconstructs the Roswell case in this interview I conducted with him in September, 2001, and explains how and why the crash of a relatively simple (albeit top secret) military project in 1947 got turned into one of the great myths of the 20th century.

Karl did more legitimate and useful research into Roswell than any other Roswell researcher. Despite being a proponent for the extraterrestrial hypothesis (he thought the Hill case was a real abduction, for example), he tackled Roswell with rigorous objectivity. For any fair-minded person, his book stands as the sine qua non of the Roswell case. 

Paul Kimball

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Rozzy - Commemorative Swag

You know, I've decided that the time has come to embrace Roswell Slides mania, in my own unique way. Why fight the tide of human history?

In that spirit, I encourage everyone to venture to my on-line store and pick up your some of the commemorative Roswell Slides swag that I have created, featuring our favourite alleged space alien, along with the slogan I came up with: "The Roswell Slides - It's a Mummy, Dummy!" All of the proceeds will be going to my favourite charity - me!!

Buy early, and buy often!

Paul Kimball

Monday, March 09, 2015

Karl Pflock sums up modern Ufology

My good friend the late Karl Pflock sums up what really drives modern conspiracy-oriented ufology, particularly Roswell researchers, in this clip from an interview I conducted with him on 9 September, 2001. 

Paul Kimball

Bragalia on mummies and the "Roswell slides"

Child mummy at Penn Museum

This just in from Anthony Bragalia by way of e-mail to Lance Moody, Tim Printy and yours truly. It's the first note I have ever received from him wherein he doesn't threaten me, so I suppose that constitutes progress of a sort. Anyway, here is the letter as it was received.  
Given the ‘anti-sliders’ group’s belief that the slides depict a mummy and their forthcoming conclusion, here is a summation I am sending to several interested parties to help people to understand that the being shown in the slides is simply not a mummy. One must understand that we have thought about the ‘mummy possibility’ thoroughly and have consulted experts and cannot come to the conclusion that it is for these reasons: 
There are two basic types of mummies: Accidental and Intentional. 
Accidental mummies have their bodies preserved through atmospheric conditions such as extreme cold or burial in snow or ice. This short video is the best example of mummification through accidental exposure to extreme cold. 
Intentional mummies have their bodies preserved through the application of chemicals and the removal of all organs, and then use desiccation (or extreme drying) to fully dehydrate the remaining corpse. Wraps are then applied, sealed with resin. 
The slides being does not have the skin-look of an accidental mummy. 
The slides being does not have the skin-look of an intentional mummy- it simply is not desiccated. It appears to have been recently embalmed or dead. There is an ‘organic’ patina to the skin tissue. It is possible that their skin is more resistant to necrosis - but no matter, the skin appearance of the being depicted in the slide is not the skin of a mummy. 
The being depicted has only four digits (fingers) instead of five like a human mummy. 
The being depicted has very wide set eyes. Its eyes/eye sockets are also twice the size of any human. 
The face features and countenance appear totally non-human. The lower part of the face has an almost ‘insectile’ look and the upper part appears frog-like/amphibian. The chin is ‘pointed’ in the extreme, unlike any human. The head is large, but not hydrocephalic. 
The ears (such as they are) appear vestigial. They are ‘embedded’ into the skull and they are pointed at the top. 
The limbs (legs and arms) are disproportionately long relative to the body. They are very, very thin and ‘spindly.’ The body appears to be about 3.5 feet long, just as the beings reported at Roswell. The image that anti-sliders are working with is compressed and gives a false sense of size. The body itself is very frail-fragile and under-sized. 
Though very difficult to discern, the being appears to be placed in a glass container. It does not however, resemble those display cases found in museums and we have looked at dozens of such images. It may be tubular. And the being rests on hastily-cut blanket resembling green-colored military blankets used at the time. The entire setup seems very ‘make-shift’ as if it is temporary storage allowing for viewing with intended transport to another location- not at all ‘permanent.’ 
Finally, the pictures themselves were not ‘framed’ properly- they are taken ‘askew’ as if taken surreptitiously in a hurried fashion. Had they been taken at a museum, the framing of the slides would have been far better. Every other slide found in the chest is wholly different than the slides of the being in terms of the angle they were taken and the framing of the shots. 
The Rays hid them separately from the rest of the slides as if to assign them special meaning. There are no other pictures of any other beings in the chest- including those of mummies. There are no other museum pictures. No other ‘travel’ slides were found separately packaged and hidden away from the other slides as were the slides of the being. 
And given the 1947 provenance of the slides; and that Ray worked the Roswell region in the 1940s as an oil exploration geologist who was confirmed to have taken photographs using Kodachrome film while on oil explorations in NM; it is difficult to come to any other non-Roswell conclusion. 
A Roswell vet who saw the bodies acknowledges this is what the slides depict; and that these 1947 slides reveal a creature very similar to those reported at Roswell. 
For all of these combined reasons, most everyone who has viewed the actual two slides agrees that the being depicted is humanoid, but not human.
Anthony Bragalia 
None of this should come as any surprise given that it's Mr. Bragalia, whose "research" on this has been driven by belief from the first day. Despite what he says, the most likely answer to the identity of the body is a mummy on display. The Roswell Slides Research Group is investigating this angle extensively, and we will post our findings when we are ready. Still, I post it here in the interests of fairness, even though it doesn't really contain anything new.

Meanwhile, I'll give the final word to UFOs-as-space-aliens true believer Robert Hastings, who wrote today:
I will conclude by predicting, perhaps redundantly, that this affair will end badly for the Roswell Slide promoters. If, as I contend, the body in the slides is the mummy of an Inca child, or some such, then Carey, Schmitt and Maussan will owe the whole world an apology. They should also seriously consider returning whatever money they made as a result of their unfortunate, unfounded and misguided claims.

If you can't even convince Hastings of the space alien nature of the person depicted in the slides, you know that you're in real trouble.

Paul Kimball 

Thursday, March 05, 2015

Adam Dew... Wrong Again!

"Roswell slides" promoter Adam Dew. Photo by Robert Sheaffer.

Roswell slides promoter Adam Dew has been doing a fair bit of media lately to gin up interest and sales for the May 5th reveal event of the slides in Mexico City, hosted by paranormal con promoter Jaime Maussan, and along the way he has made a number of statements that are simply wrong. For example, he identified the military "witness" to the dead alien as a Lieutenant in his film trailer when in fact he was a Private First Class, Eleazar Benavides.

Another egregious example can be seen in Dew's oft-repeated statement that nothing in pop culture looked like the small bodied big-headed alien prior to 1947. In a recent interview with Open Minds, Dew states, "People in the late 40s were not staging aliens, as far as I can tell. That image of the big head and skinny body didn’t become popular in pop culture until the 60s. So we know that it is not a fake staged alien, as far as I can tell.”

This is Dew responding to a straw man of his own creation. Nobody is suggesting that the bodies depicted in the slides were faked in 1947. Therefore, his argument is irrelevant. Making matters worse, however, is that it is also incorrect. In fact, big-headed small-bodied strange creatures were indeed a staple of science fiction and pop culture well before 1947. If someone had wanted to fake an alien body in 1947, they could have easily drawn upon this meme.

As just a couple of examples, here are two covers from the popular pulp magazine Thrilling Wonder Stories, both from the 1930s, and both featuring alien creatures with big heads and much smaller bodies.

Thrilling Wonder Stories, Vol. 8, No. 1, August 1936

Thrilling Wonder Stories, Vol. 13, No. 3, June 1939

There are plenty of other examples for anyone willing to look. Here are two from 1940.

Thrilling Wonder Stories, March 1940

Thrilling Wonder Stories, August 1940

Again, this is all an irrelevant sideshow to the basic question of whether the slides were hoaxed or not, because when people talk of a con or hoax they are invariably referring to either someone who created the slides much later than 1947, a la the "alien autopsy" film of Ray Santilli, or of someone who has used actual slides of a mummy-like human figure that may have been taken around the late 1940s and represented them as space aliens today. But Dew and his fellow slides promoters want you to focus on the straw man suggestion that what skeptics are saying when they talk of a hoax is that someone hoaxed them in 1947, which is not the case at all. However, even if it was what skeptics were suggesting, then it is clear that Dew is wrong in his assertion that there was nothing in pop culture that a hoaxer in 1947 could have drawn upon to come up with such a hoax.

In short, even when Dew is making irrelevant arguments, they seem to have a tendency to be flat-out wrong. The only question people are left to determine is whether this is the result of incompetence, or dishonesty. Given the crowd with which Dew has chosen to associate himself, either option is plausible.

Paul Kimball

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Eleazar Benavides Strikes Again!

For a man who supposedly cherishes his privacy, Eleazar Benavides, aka Pfc. Eli Benjamin aka The Mystery Lieutenant in Adam Dew's Roswell Slides film trailer, sure gets around. He can be seen starting at 10:20 in this episode of the new Canadian television series UFOs Declassified.


Not only does he appear in this episode, but so does his photo from the Roswell base yearbook from 1947 - you know, the one that Anthony Bragalia went ballistic about when Tim Printy sent it to me and I published it a few days ago? You know, the one that specifically identifies "Benjamin" as Benavides? Yeah... that one.

As usual, I'm the bad guy here, but that's because I happened to be first out of the gate with what was already known to many privately, and what was easily discovered by anyone with a little spare time on their hands and a commitment to the whole truth, and not the skewed self-serving version that Bragalia and his cohorts choose to present. Bragalia is also upset that I published a photo of Benavides' house, which anyone can find with Google Earth, and says that it served no journalistic purpose. I beg to differ - it was important to show that Benavides and the "witness" in Dew's trailer are one and the same. It was Dew, after all, who filmed in his driveway. I could have published Benavides' address and phone number as well, but did not (even though those are also publicly available), as there was no reason to do so. The photo of his home was enough to establish the link that, given their track record, one could reasonably expect the Dream Teamers to otherwise deny.

Meanwhile, in somewhat related news, the Halifax Police Department are still waiting for that complaint from Bragalia to be filed against me. I know, because I checked. I assume the police in Tim Printy's neck of the woods are also still waiting. Perhaps Bragalia hasn't filed his threatened complaints yet because he's so been so busy, what with virtually everyone outing Benavides now, including Bragalia's research partner and fellow "Dream Teamer" Kevin Randle. I presume the charges are on the verge of being filed in Randle's hometown of Cedar Rapids as I type.

Paul Kimball

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Benson Saler - Evidence and The Roswell UFO Case

In this clip from an interview I conducted with him in 2001, anthropologist Dr. Benson Saler discusses the concept of evidence and how it has been applied to the Roswell UFO case by both believers and skeptics. With all the bluster from the "Dream Team" about the "Roswell slides," it's always nice to remind oneself of how a proper academic approaches the subject. 

 Paul Kimball

Monday, March 02, 2015

The Roswell "Dream Team" and the "Slides"

From my friend Jose Antonio Caravaca, who is part of the group of skeptical researchers looking into the Roswell slides. It sums things up nicely. From left to right, Bragalia, Randle, Carey and Schmitt.

Paul Kimball