Tuesday, June 27, 2006

UK Trip Photos, Vol. III

Here are some more train-related photos from the United Kingdom.

Here's Zorgrot on the train as we get ready to depart London (Euston station) for Manchester (Picadilly station).

While he obviously found trains to be primitive modes of transport, compared to his interstellar spacecraft (with transdimensional overdrive, no less), he was still impressed by the comfort, the fact that they pretty much ran on time, and the nice view out the window. He took a lot of notes as we zipped through middle England.

Here's a pic of platform number 10 at Manchester's Picadilly station, where we arrived from, and departed to, London (and Blackpool, when we took our day trip). Like all British train stations (at least the ones I was in), it was clean (except for the tracks themselves), well laid out, and easy to use.

The only down side? An incomprehensible lack of any trash cans. Instead, janitors / cleaners came by every now and then with moving trash bins and picked up the rubbish. Weird.

If you want to walk the UFO trail at Rendlesham, and you're headed up that way by train, Woodbridge, the nearest town, will be your stop. This is what the station looks like. The town itself is lovely - very charming, in a stereotypically English way.

Paul Kimball

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Mac said...

An incomprehensible lack of any trash cans.

Also an incomprehensible -- though merciful -- lack of any Starbucks locations!