Friday, June 02, 2006

The June Poll

Dr. Steven Greer is on Coast to Coast as I type this. It has inspired this month's poll:

Dr. Steven Greer is a...
Raving loon
Disinformation agent
Honest searcher for the truth
Snake-oil salesman
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Paul Kimball


Jo said...

"Honest researcher" was a definite "no!"

A "Disinformation agent" is usually well-informed...and, lies much better.

And, even though the "raving loon" is a could only be so, if Dr. Greer has become so talented at "snake-oil sales," that he'd finally convinced himself to buy a bottle.

Therefore, I voted "snake-oil salesman."

Paul Kimball said...


Thanks for stopping by and voting - I can't disagree with your assessment, although I think he may well be working at disinfo angle, or maybe he's just a raving loon (the C2C appearance this morning pointed to the raving loon hypothesis, or RLH). Still, like you, I'm sure he isn't the honest searcher for truth (unless he's a raving loon, which would mean that he's honest, but in a completely nuts kind of way)! :-)


Mac said...

You forgot "credulous drone"!

Anonymous said...

I agree the Greer is suspicious at the very least. However, I wonder who his Shadow Government is, other than figments of imagination he sees when he puts on his tin foil hat? Nonetheless, I urge you to take a hard look at the Council on Foreign Relations and it's control on world leader's and links to the Federal Reserve and other world banks:
www [dot] freedomtofascism [dot] com

Mike said...

It's a good thing you
are profiling many of
the new generation of
"ufologists". Otherwise,
it would be plain disheartning to contemplate
many of the other "dominant"
figures in ufology, like Greer.
Mike Jamieson

Jo said...

Mac, I think you make an excellent point!
But, we're already picking on the birds, so...should we really insult the bees, as well?

Anonymous said...

3 out of 4 choices are negative, can you honestly say this is a reasonable poll?

Paul Kimball said...

Reasonable? Absolutely. Certainly more reasonable than Dr. Greer.

By dividing his opponents, it actually gives Dr. Greer a chance to come out ahead on a first-past-the-post basis.

I am, however, considering having a run-off vote between "Honest seeker of the truth", which seems to be doing well, and whichever one of the other three comes second (assuming one of them doesn't come first).