Wednesday, May 07, 2014

The Other Side of Truth podcast - Season 3, Episode 1: Greg Bishop

The Other Side of Truth 
Season 3, Episode 1 
Greg Bishop - "Little Nuggets of Gold in a River of Fool's Gold" 

In the premiere episode of the third season of The Other Side of Truth podcast, author / radio host Greg Bishop (Project Beta, Weird California, Radio MIsterioso) joins me for a laid back, rambling conversation between two old friends that touches upon the legacy of the late Mac Tonnies, what keeps us interested in the paranormal, and what annoys us about the subculture of people interested in the paranormal (particularly, ufology). Along the way, they poke some good-natured fun at our chums Nick Redfern and Walter Bosley, and are then forced to evade an attack by a horde of Sleestaks from The Land of the Lost! 

This episode was recorded on 5 May, 2014. 

Opening Theme: "The Other Side of Truth" -- mixed by Paul Kimball, and featuring "Iron Man" by Soundjay Greg Bishop's website: