Monday, March 09, 2015

Karl Pflock sums up modern Ufology

My good friend the late Karl Pflock sums up what really drives modern conspiracy-oriented ufology, particularly Roswell researchers, in this clip from an interview I conducted with him on 9 September, 2001. 

Paul Kimball


Kurt Peters said...


While I am not totally sure if this "Karl Pflock" dude is for real, I know that I've read on Randle's blog that he (Randle) totally respects "Karl Pflock".

Randle seems, from what I've read, a decent, honorable hard-working ex-US Military guy.

Randle's fatal flaw is his core sense of military honor, which led him to go all-in on hoaxer Frank Kaufmann's lies about being a deep cover Military Intelligence operative.

"Karl Pflock" also, it seems, appealed to Randle's basic decency by claiming to be an ex-US Marine.
(BTW, Lee Harvey Oswald could certainly make the same claim.)

My point here?

Has anybody obtained the DD214s for the late "Karl Pflock"?

Kent Westerin said...

I Have listened to the whole interview a couple of times. And in my opinion its a perfect intelligent summary of the
whole Roswell case. A clear voice in an ocean of noise.