Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Stanton Friedman on the Condon Committee

Meanwhile, because there is more to life, and even UFOs and ufology, than the Roswell slides, here is a fun blast from the past - an article from the January 30, 1969 edition of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette featuring the one and only flying saucer physicist, Stan Friedman,  taking shots at the Condon Committee report on UFOs.

Paul Kimball


SlideBox Media said...

This is cool. But why are you burying the lead? You have the slides! Let's get a small screen grab of the eye. Give us something?

Paul Kimball said...

Adam, you mistake me for someone who is obsessed with the "Roswell slides" and who wants to milk it for all it's worth. That would be you.

I expect a very, very small audience on the 4th, and that's just fine. I'll be moving at my own pace. You can just wait along with anyone else.

Meanwhile, best of luck on the 5th. Honest. I admire the way you've orchestrated this whole dog & pony con / show. It's not quite Joaquin Phoenix or Borat, but it's pretty good on its own terms.