Thursday, March 26, 2015

Frank Scully and the Aztec UFO Con in the (Old) News

Here is a photo of the Hollywood gossip columnist and author Frank Scully, of Aztec UFO hoax fame (or infamy, depending upon your point of view), from the 25 September, 1950 edition of the Toledo Blade. You can find the full article here, fellow saucerians!

Meanwhile, here is some sensible commentary about Aztec and Scully (and other related things) from the St. Petersburg Times on 4 February, 1951.

Hoaxes / cons are powerful things. So long as there are credulous people whose will to believe overrides their common sense, there will always be the Aztecs of the world... including, as it turns out, the Aztec hoax, which still lives on today for a few die-hard proponents.

Paul Kimball 

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