Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Greg Bishop - Evidence for Human Involvement in Cattle Mutilations

My good friend Greg Bishop offers some thoughts on evidence for the cattle mutilation phenomenon and what it might mean in this clip from an interview I conducted with him in 2005.

Paul Kimball


Anonymous said...

This is not a subject I've researched at all, so maybe there's a good answer to this question. But if humans are behind cattle mutilations, well, why don't they just buy the cattle? It's got to be cheaper, easier, and less risky then deploying Black Ops cattle mutilators on silent helicopters with laser scalpels. Why make things so unnecessarily complicated?

Wade Ridsdale said...

Although , it would seem undeniable that humans are involved in a number of cattle mutilations I have asked myself that very same question. All that drama and in and out the required constant training to be so thorough and on point. If the cattle are grazing on a piece of lands that is thought to be contaminated just buy a few head from the farmer and test those head, it would probably be a lot cleaner...and as you say cheaper...in the long run but then money isn't really the issue as the forces involved have a bottomless well to draw from and it's us taxpayers.

Regan Lee said...

I wonder if the drama involved in all the black ops spook stuff is part of the plan. What fun is there in having cattle bought and paid for all in one place with no average citizens around to take part in it all?