Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Curse of the (Roswell Slides) Mummy?

The Roswell slides promoters seem to be obsessed with the idea that real researchers are all convinced that the "being" depicted in the Roswell slides is a mummy. Yes, that is a possibility that many have raised, but no-one has yet put that forward as a final conclusion (although I am still happy to take orders for my "It's a mummy, dummy" merchandise!).

So while no firm conclusion has yet been put forward publicly by the skeptics (as opposed to the promoters, who have positively asserted it to be a space alien from the supposed Roswell crash), could it have been a mummy? Is that prospect so far-fetched?

Well, no... as anyone who isn't a Roswell-is-aliens true believer (or a con man looking to soak money out of said true believers) would understand. Mummies were fairly common sideshow and carnival attractions back in the 1940s. For example, here is a newspaper article from the Hanover Evening Sun in late August, 1947, for a fair in Hannover, Pennsylvania (courtesy of Tim Printy):

Is this or something like it the Roswell slides being? 

You'll have to wait until May 4th to find out for certain. But one thing is for sure - when the slides promoters tell you that it absolutely can't be a mummy, they clearly don't know very much about mummies, or history.

Paul Kimball


Unknown said...

You have beat me to the punch. I was curious as to how many traveling circus were around at the time and if any of their sideshows involved unusual bodies.

Given that the Rays seemed to like travelling and sightseeing, it struck me this could have been a sideshow spectacle. That's if if course they Rays took the photos

Paul Kimball said...

Yes, Stephen, quite so. If the slides promoters were proper researchers these would all be questions that would be addressed in a peer-reviewed academic paper, but they're not - they are con men (or if you want to be really generous, showmen) who want nothing to do with actual research and serious questions and answers. Instead, they have created their own traveling circus. ;-)