Sunday, March 15, 2015

Nick Redfern - The UK and UFOs

Nick Redfern discusses British government interest in the UFO phenomenon in this excerpt from an interview I conducted with him in Aztec, New Mexico, in March 2003.

Paul Kimball

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Loki said...


I posted this at NF's, and want to be sure my conceit is properly disseminated:

"A wonderful post, Sir!

In just a few lines you have managed to posit an alternative explanation to the thousands of sentences and some misleading video “claims” of “Carey Python's Crashing Circus”.

The assumption of the 'Dew Carey' Comedy Dream Team of some 'space guys' that can easy overcome the inconceivable interstellar distances and incomprehensible energy requirements needed to visit Roswell NM (even by accident) are nothing more than testimony to their drooling technical incompetence and utter lack of formal academic credentials in the hard, physical sciences (or even its poor relation, engineering).

Your offering of a charming real-world possibility of the existence of Marvel Comic's classic Fantastic Four villain 'The Mole Man' (and his minions) within Terra herself is actually MORE likely than what it would take to travel all the way here and ONLY THEN SCREW UP AND CRASH!


(or should I say Bazinga! ?)"