Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Kevin Randle - Good UFO Cases Not Named "Roswell"

Kevin Randle answers the question of whether he thinks that there are any other good UFO cases besides Roswell in this excerpt from an interview I conducted with him in September, 2001. His ultimate conclusion might surprise some people - that the space aliens were here but seem to have left, a position that was also held by the late Karl Pflock.

Paul Kimball


Loki said...


Thanks for posting all these recent relevant SlideFest2015 links; I will view them in the next day or so in my free time.

Please allow me to make a comment (without having viewed the interviews)

Everyone can make a mistake despite best intentions.

Randle and yourself have a record of being decent, honest and doing the best within their abilities to give an accurate account of conclusions.

My point?

Were I assembling an avenging Dream Team with real honesty chops, I think it would consist of Randle, Kimball, Swords (Rich Reynold's Michigan BFF), and Rutkowski (who's ignoring and dropping into the memory hole by the incompetent "Dream Team" Creator/Manager, Tom "Yum mashed potatoes!" Carey indirectly proves his ability).

Terry the Censor said...

> the space aliens were here but seem to have left

Way back in 1988 in The October Scenario, Kevin entertained the idea that the only true sightings occurred in October 1973 (though he was open to other select cases between 1947-1973, especially the 1957 wave and the very first abduction cases).

Interestingly, Roswell is not discussed anywhere in the book, though Kevin now believes aliens did crash there. Also, he gave the Pat Roach case credence in 1988, but is firmly against it now. I am heartened to see UFO buffs able to change their minds in light of new information, even though I might disagree with some of their conclusions. (It's only the doctrinaire -- believer or skeptic -- who upset me.)

(I should note I have not read the whole of October Scenario, just some of the abduction material. But no terms related to Roswell show up in the index, and I couldn't find a mention in the section about 1947 sightings.)

The idea that the aliens completed their mission and left is worthy of discussion. It's telling that, in contrast, UFO groups and the UFO fandom want nothing less than a permanent alien presence in human history, going so far as to posit that humanity was created by and will one day be saved/destroyed by aliens (please note the theological parallels).

Capt Steve said...

It strikes me that a lot of UFO enthusiasts aren't open-minded to the idea that there could be multiple causes behind the UFO phenomena. In my opinion it's entirely plausible that some percentage of the sightings could be attributed to extraterrestrials (and if the percentage is small enough it would eliminate the idea that there are TOO MANY sighting for them to be ET visitors).

The nature of UFO reports has changed over the years. Perhaps Kevin is right; perhaps we DID have visitors who went home at some point and now something else other than aliens is responsible for the phenomena.

Loki said...


I just posted the following at Randle's blog, and am using you as a backup site since accidents seem to have an affinity for this "Slides" controversy:

for Kevin Randle:

"The chain of custody is broken in several places and because Dew has not revealed the name of the woman who supposedly found the slides so that she could be interviewed by independent researchers (and I doubt that he will give up the name) then that is just one more hole."

Actually, in the initially posted Maussan 3 short separate interviews with Carey, Schmitt, and Adam Dew (Dew video now deleted of course) wherein Dew played the part of the innocent bystander, he foolishly blabbed the claim that the woman who found the slides was his friend's sister: Kathy/Cathy/Kathie/Cathie, etc., or some other spelling variant.

THAT is why Dew had that original 'innocent bystander' video interview pulled.

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