Monday, March 09, 2015

Bragalia on mummies and the "Roswell slides"

Child mummy at Penn Museum

This just in from Anthony Bragalia by way of e-mail to Lance Moody, Tim Printy and yours truly. It's the first note I have ever received from him wherein he doesn't threaten me, so I suppose that constitutes progress of a sort. Anyway, here is the letter as it was received.  
Given the ‘anti-sliders’ group’s belief that the slides depict a mummy and their forthcoming conclusion, here is a summation I am sending to several interested parties to help people to understand that the being shown in the slides is simply not a mummy. One must understand that we have thought about the ‘mummy possibility’ thoroughly and have consulted experts and cannot come to the conclusion that it is for these reasons: 
There are two basic types of mummies: Accidental and Intentional. 
Accidental mummies have their bodies preserved through atmospheric conditions such as extreme cold or burial in snow or ice. This short video is the best example of mummification through accidental exposure to extreme cold. 
Intentional mummies have their bodies preserved through the application of chemicals and the removal of all organs, and then use desiccation (or extreme drying) to fully dehydrate the remaining corpse. Wraps are then applied, sealed with resin. 
The slides being does not have the skin-look of an accidental mummy. 
The slides being does not have the skin-look of an intentional mummy- it simply is not desiccated. It appears to have been recently embalmed or dead. There is an ‘organic’ patina to the skin tissue. It is possible that their skin is more resistant to necrosis - but no matter, the skin appearance of the being depicted in the slide is not the skin of a mummy. 
The being depicted has only four digits (fingers) instead of five like a human mummy. 
The being depicted has very wide set eyes. Its eyes/eye sockets are also twice the size of any human. 
The face features and countenance appear totally non-human. The lower part of the face has an almost ‘insectile’ look and the upper part appears frog-like/amphibian. The chin is ‘pointed’ in the extreme, unlike any human. The head is large, but not hydrocephalic. 
The ears (such as they are) appear vestigial. They are ‘embedded’ into the skull and they are pointed at the top. 
The limbs (legs and arms) are disproportionately long relative to the body. They are very, very thin and ‘spindly.’ The body appears to be about 3.5 feet long, just as the beings reported at Roswell. The image that anti-sliders are working with is compressed and gives a false sense of size. The body itself is very frail-fragile and under-sized. 
Though very difficult to discern, the being appears to be placed in a glass container. It does not however, resemble those display cases found in museums and we have looked at dozens of such images. It may be tubular. And the being rests on hastily-cut blanket resembling green-colored military blankets used at the time. The entire setup seems very ‘make-shift’ as if it is temporary storage allowing for viewing with intended transport to another location- not at all ‘permanent.’ 
Finally, the pictures themselves were not ‘framed’ properly- they are taken ‘askew’ as if taken surreptitiously in a hurried fashion. Had they been taken at a museum, the framing of the slides would have been far better. Every other slide found in the chest is wholly different than the slides of the being in terms of the angle they were taken and the framing of the shots. 
The Rays hid them separately from the rest of the slides as if to assign them special meaning. There are no other pictures of any other beings in the chest- including those of mummies. There are no other museum pictures. No other ‘travel’ slides were found separately packaged and hidden away from the other slides as were the slides of the being. 
And given the 1947 provenance of the slides; and that Ray worked the Roswell region in the 1940s as an oil exploration geologist who was confirmed to have taken photographs using Kodachrome film while on oil explorations in NM; it is difficult to come to any other non-Roswell conclusion. 
A Roswell vet who saw the bodies acknowledges this is what the slides depict; and that these 1947 slides reveal a creature very similar to those reported at Roswell. 
For all of these combined reasons, most everyone who has viewed the actual two slides agrees that the being depicted is humanoid, but not human.
Anthony Bragalia 
None of this should come as any surprise given that it's Mr. Bragalia, whose "research" on this has been driven by belief from the first day. Despite what he says, the most likely answer to the identity of the body is a mummy on display. The Roswell Slides Research Group is investigating this angle extensively, and we will post our findings when we are ready. Still, I post it here in the interests of fairness, even though it doesn't really contain anything new.

Meanwhile, I'll give the final word to UFOs-as-space-aliens true believer Robert Hastings, who wrote today:
I will conclude by predicting, perhaps redundantly, that this affair will end badly for the Roswell Slide promoters. If, as I contend, the body in the slides is the mummy of an Inca child, or some such, then Carey, Schmitt and Maussan will owe the whole world an apology. They should also seriously consider returning whatever money they made as a result of their unfortunate, unfounded and misguided claims.

If you can't even convince Hastings of the space alien nature of the person depicted in the slides, you know that you're in real trouble.

Paul Kimball 


Tim Hebert said...

Yes, we are surely approaching the "end of days" when Robert Hastings and I agree on something...

Apparently Robert reached out to Maussan and Carey with his concerns and was "stiffed."

BTW...last month, a well known UFO backer and acquaintance of mine, emailed me stating that he had heavily advised Tony either to walk away from the slides, or at least hold off on writing any articles supporting the authenticity of the slides and coming to a far reaching conclusion that the slides were linked to Roswell.

Obviously Tony failed to take his advice.

Judgement Day is fast approaching...

Paul Kimball said...

There is no real escape for Bragalia, Schmitt and Carey - they are in far too deeply. There shouldn't be any escape for Randle, either, who stated back in 2013 that he thought the whole thing was a hoax, and detailed all of the problems, but who still wouldn't repudiate his partners. Now even he realizes it's time to spin away from it, which is what he's doing at his blog. Whilst he will fool a lot of people, I'm not one of them. He's been in this from the get-go as well, no matter what he wants people to believe now.

Anyway, I think the slides will soon give rise to a catchy saying: "It's a mummy, dummy!" :-)


Loki said...

I have met Robert Hastings once, found him to be an almost too serious investigator of UFO stuff, and even own a copy (for which I paid full price) of his research book:

If 'Bob' Hastings finds the Carey/Randle/Schmitt/Bragalia/Rudiak/Rutkowski/Dew "Roswell Dream Team" to be wanting, then that is the kiss of truth, and wake up guys, the alarm clock just went off!

Loki said...


I probably need to break this all down.

The "Three Stooges of Roswell Research" are:


How? Because it historically took 6 guys to make 3 Stooges:

But where does Dew fit in, you ask? He historically is called "The Fourth Stooge":

But, PK, you ask why do I bring this up?

As filmmaker like the great Adam Dew, you can appreciate that I have now started work on MY own documentary about clumsy efforts of these Roswell researchers to vet the "issues" with their whiz-bang Alien Mummy Slides. My current working title, if you care to option it is:

"Oedipus Wrecks"

Terry the Censor said...

> the ‘anti-sliders’

Wow! Tony has taken up my derisive term "sliders" (though he only applies it to his opponents).

I've finally made a lasting contribution to ufology! (Hehehe.)

Marc Dantonio said...

I have said before that the Roswell slides just don't make sense on any front.
The geologist who had NO access to top secret programs and his wife who had even less (if that's possible) would hardly have been granted access to take some quickie shots of something more Top Secret than the Manhattan Project!
Robert Hastings is right and I have said it as well. This will end badly and giving it to Jaime Maussan is the coup de grace that destroys any credibility any of them may have had. Now it's clear that this will be a money making sea with Maussangetting a good cut I am sure...

Paul Kimball said...

The real winner will probably be Dew, who presumably has already been paid for use of the slides. If he was smart - and he seems fairly cunning so far - he's probably getting a cut of the profits, too. He and Maussan should make a nice sum off of this if it works out for them... which is why they must love watching all of us banter back and forth about it. Every word spoken or written is useful PR. Remember, too, that this thing is being live-streamed, so it's not just a Mexican audience that they're trying to appeal to. The whole thing has been managed really well from a social media marketing perspective. I have to respect them for that, even as I abhor their basic dishonesty.


Paul Kimball said...

Rutkowski was never a part of any of this, Loki. Unlike Randle and Rudiak, who were kept abreast of things to one degree or another (and in Randle's case conducted his own research into the circumstances surrounding the slides), Chris was shut out from the get-go. He's blameless, and is now part of our Roswell Slides Research Group.


Terry the Censor said...

> Chris was shut out from the get-go

The "honest broker" for the Dream Team was kept away from the slides.

That tells us all we need to know.

Paul Kimball said...

Yes, it sure does. He's the one member of the Dream team (not former member, as I understand it) who walks away from all of this with his reputation intact.


Tim Hebert said...

Paul wrote:

"If he was smart - and he seems fairly cunning so far - he's probably getting a cut of the profits, too. He and Maussan should make a nice sum off of this if it works out for them..."

I'm a "free market" type of guy. I don't begrudge anyone making a buck as long as it's legal.

As far as conning people, you can't scam a group of people that are yearning for the scam itself. It used to be said that if you can "sell" something to 10 percent of your target population, then you are successful.

Dew and Maussan should have no problem hitting the 10 percent mark.

Paul Kimball said...

I don't disagree about the free market, Tim... but if what you're doing is knowingly false then you're committing fraud, regardless of the willingness of the victims to buy into it. I think the slides' promoters are walking a fine legal line here; it may even be one of the reasons they decided to do this in Mexico.

Regardless, this is a new low, even for ufology.


Terry the Censor said...

Kimball: ...then you're committing fraud, regardless of the willingness of the victims to buy into may even be one of the reasons they decided to do this in Mexico.

Braglia: Objection! Argumentative.

Censor: Overruled. I will allow the remark.

Jack Brewer said...

Permission to approach the blog? If it would please the Censor...

I don't have a problem with capitalism and marketing either. I do have a problem with non-scientific activities presented as science, though.

I'm from the school of thought that people can conduct their affairs however they choose, but they're not entitled to call it science when it's not. That's one of my beefs with the so-called research of alleged alien abduction, for example.

Also, professional journalists specifically label advocacy and editorial, for instances. In contrast, much of what ufology presents as so-called reporting and scientific investigation is all too often much more accurately described as special pleading, advocacy and related lobbying.

The stereotypical lack of transparency and omission of relevant info, while carrying on endlessly about irrelevant circumstances, has worn extremely old. It's very disappointing, even if not surprising.

Tim Hebert said...


I would have thought that we would all have hit critical mass...slide fatigue, but...

Anyways, as a man that is professionally into abnormal psychology, I'm just watching from the side-lines...might be a good paper for the journals:)

Paul Kimball said...

Don't you mean the slide-lines, Tim? ;-)

BoyintheMachine said...

I would like to place an order for the "It's A Mummy, Dummy!" T-shirt. XL, black with white lettering. Thanks. ;).

Terry the Censor said...

> I would have thought that we would all have hit critical mass...slide fatigue, but...

I am nowhere near bored yet. I missed out on Alien Autopsy, so I am exciting to be watching Alien Autopsy 2.0 unfold!