Saturday, May 13, 2006

Veronica Reynolds UFO Fan Club - Vol. I

As she seems to have developed something of a fan club amongst some people interested in ufology, I've decided to start a "Veronica Reynolds UFO Fan Club" update feature - photos, news of her acting career, perhaps even a guest column or two down the road - in order to keep her fans happy, and to add a bit of glamour to the rather staid world of ufology.

The photo above was taken in November, 2004, when Veronica and I were in Las Vegas for the 2nd Annual Crash Retrieval Conference, where she was a big hit.

Paul Kimball


Mac said...

I'll join. But will *she* join the Mac Tonnies Fan Club?

Paul Kimball said...

So long as membership in the MT fan club does not preclude membership in the PK fan club, I don't see why not. Hopefully you'll get a chance to make your case in person in one week's time! :-)


patrick said...

Thats one of the reason why UFOs visit us: They like pretty faces too.

DavidOfTheNight said...

Greetings from a first time visitor. I am perhaps the first of many loyal coast-to-coast am listeners to discover your illustrious blog. Now to the serious business..just WHO IS this "Veronica Reynolds"? The reincarnation of a greek goddess? Perhaps Aphrodite? Or maybe that scheming Egyptian Cleopatra? Does she have a boyfriend? Does she WANT a boyfriend? Inquiring, UFO and paranormal believing night-owls WANT to know!! Regardless, put me down as a charter member of her fan club. I will wait patiently for release of her two sure-to-be-smash hit movies. Until then, tell her she can learn more about her admirer by e-mailing, or visit my blog @ david-of-the-night