Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Ufology's Generation NOW - #8, Joe McGonagle

In his mid-forties, British ufologist Joe McGonagle had been interested in the UFO phenomenon since the 1970s. Initially an adherent of the ETH, he has drifted into the more sceptical camp over the years, and now states that he regards himself as a "true sceptic, i.e. drawing conclusions from the evidence presented to me. On that basis , the extraterrestrial hypothesis is neither proven, nor disproved" (you can read his full position statement here).

McGonagle is a member of the Flying Saucery group, which includes Andy Roberts, Gary Anthony, and Dr. David Clarke, and which was recently responsible for the release of the Condign Report. His primary areas of interest include the history of British ufology, the role of the Ministry of Defense in British ufology, and the promotion and establishment of stadards within ufology, including training (that last one being especially important).

McGonagle's biggest contribution to the serious study of the UFO phenomenon has probably been the "Ufology in UK" Internet e-mail list he set up in 1999 for people interested in British ufology (although it now covers far more than that). As of January, 2006, the list had 1,150 members, although McGonagle has been weeding out some lapsed or inactive memberships since then. It might not be quite as big as UFO Updates, but its an important discussion forum and resource.

McGongale might be from the other side of the pond, but he's thought of pretty highly at the Other Side of Truth - and will continue to be an important figure in ufology in the years to come.

Paul Kimball

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