Saturday, May 06, 2006

Louder Than Bombs

Hmm... I think it's pretty clear that I'm a Smiths fan, considering I wrote a song called Louder Than Bombs, which was the title of a Smiths "Best of..." compilation CD.

I always liked this one. Straight-forward alternative-pop (as we called it back in the mid 1990s).

"You make me turn, and stare at you,
You seem to walk on water,
I open my eyes, and hear a sound,
Louder than bombs falling down..."

I wrote that for / about Linda over ten years ago... it still holds true today.

Paul Kimball


Mac said...

Yes, but if a ten-ton truck crashed into you would it be a heavenly way to die?

Paul Kimball said...


No offence to Moz, but I can only think of one heavenly way to die. I'd describe it here in detail, but there may be children who read this! :-)