Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Coast 2 Coast

Thanks to George Noory and the gang for having me on C2C tonight. It was a lot of fun. Hope I didn't bore everyone to tears - especially truckers on a late night run!!

I'm off to D.C. later today, and, as posted before, will be back to regular posting on the 28th, the day after I get home. The filming goes well - lots of good stuff!!

Paul Kimball
Santa Ana, CA ('til twelve hours from now)


Anonymous said...

I missed ya e-mail mine is I want a copy of the info that the dude sends you about the flying machine in the 1800's that he found in the newpaper.The dude was from Arkansas thanks man

Anonymous said...

Part of your discussion with George Noory dealt with Paul Hellyer and his regarding Phillip Corso's book as an eye opener. (See also your blog entry on Hellyer, Corso, and Greer below.)

In defense of Hellyer: Although his unqualified endorsement of Corso and his inability to speak from personal experience are unfortunate, his having been Minister of Defense, with all the knowledge of military and government procedure that this entails, does lend at least a little bit of weight to "Cosmic Watergate" scenarios. If someone with no military or government experience tells me that he/she thinks a "Cosmic Watergate" scenario is true, that's one thing. But if a competent former Minister of Defense says this--or even that he thinks this is a real possibility--that's somethething else. It should make one stop and think, should it not?

Regarding Colonel Corso, we should consider the prospect that his book may contain many deliberate falsehoods and yet also present a scenario that is true in broad outlines. This would fit the hypothesis (not yet confirmed, in my view) that there is a gradual, careful release into the public mind of essentially true information concerning extraterrestrial visitation and government's historical response it.

Regarding Steven Greer, I agree with you that Dr. Greer has unfortunately mixed some highly credible witnesses with some less than credible witnesses, and that this has seriously hampered his efforts. But I wouldn't say that he has been a "bane to UFOlogy." Consider the testimony of those of Greer's witnesses that you believe to be credible, together with the possibility that the ET hypothesis is both true and has been confirmed to be true within some governmental or paragovernmental circles. Is this really such a stretch?

I agree with you about the "up side" of the conclusions of Peter Sturrock's group. If Sturrock's approach could supplant the "Condon effect," we'd be halfway home. I believe Sturrock considers the ET hypothesis to be a good bet, although not decisively proven.

If one does finally conclude that the ET hypothesis is correct, then one will have to consider the possibility that the same conclusion might have been reached long ago by military and government authorities at some level. Whatever is responsible for the UFO phenomenon, it is something over which government and military authorities seem to have no control. And that is a powerful incentive to secrecy, particularly under Cold War conditions.

It seems unlikely that governmental and military authorities at all levels have been idle all these years after being confronted with strong case after strong case presented to them by competent pilots, radar operators, etc. It seems likely that somebody somewhere in government and military circles has been hard at work on the UFO problem for a long time, given the classic cases involving competent military officers and the fact that the problem won't go away. Even if they have only covered up their inability to come to grips with the phenomen (whatever its nature), that's already one hell of a big coverup over a very long time, given all those evidentially strong cases and credible witnesses!

Is it so very wild to suppose that military and government agencies at some level have actually unraveled the UFO enigma, broadly speaking, and find it very difficult to tell us the truth?

Keep up the good work! I love your careful approach.

Theresa A said...

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Anonymous said...

I hope you are never on Coast again. I found it distasteful that you chose to spend your time putting down Corso's book. Jealousy is a very nasty trait and one you should be working on along with your ego. I turned off the radio, I dont like people like you, Joan Peters

Anonymous said...

HI, you were a breath of fresh air on coast to coast. It is a real shame that people who do not support the ETH often get pushed into the margins of UFO study. John Keel has said the same thing.

Paul, there are so many people with UFO stories that start out sane and then go nuts, what do you think is up with all that? For example, John Lear makes tons of sense until he starts talking about the soul machine on the moon and his belief that all of the science professors in the academic world are either duped by or in a conspiracy to spread misinformation the physical characteristics of the planets. Are these people nuts or have they had some experience that gets interpreted in offbeat ways? Are they laughing behind our backs at how far they can go and still be taken seriously? Obviously there is no one answer, but any comment would be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Ron Freeman from the Lower Mainland of BC. I guess people got set straight about Hellyer last night! I would cringe whenever they refered to him on C2C as an expert.

Mr. Kimball - you sure have a voice that inspires confidence; and your mind appears to be working at top speed as well.

Good on you, I say!

Ron F.

Anonymous said...

Great show!

Anonymous said...

Norry would be more credible by having you on more often. Your insight leading you to the UAP tag (for unknown aerial phenomena) is so accurate and non psychotic. I'd love to hear you in discourse with Steven Quayle or even with Steven against Norry and Hoagland. How much they could learn if you and Steven could pry the veil from their eyes.

Anonymous said...

hey paul....great show, you didnt bore me at all, i drive every night, and i always listen to c2c. i liked how you kept referring to stanton friedman as "stan", its cool you guys are close, i always considered him one of the best, when its comes to ufos, and the cover up, and now i know about said ALOT of things, that i thought were great, i hope someday you and stan you could do a show together on the history channel or a show like that...or even do a live show on CNN,,,,who knows.....well anyway...keep looking up...i hope someday in our lifetime we find the truth....chris/new jersey

Anonymous said...

You were fantastic on C2C last night. This is the first time I have ever commented on a guest. I thoroughly agree with your statements concerning the misguided research of some ufologists. Keep up the fantastic work....and I hope your film will be shown in the U.S. I'd really like to see it.

LesleyinNM said...

Thanks for mentioning that Serpo is a hoax at the beginning of the show. For some reason Noory seems to have great belief in it and is constantly bringing it up in a serious way. This irritates me because although I mention it sometimes in a entertaining hoax way, even I don't believe that one.

Anonymous said...


Lynn said...

Hi Paul, I loved the show. I am a very good friend of Dr.Barry Downing.I heard you mentioned his book "The Bible and Flying Saucers" Visit my website which has writings from him and artwork by me. We are planning on doing a book together soon.

Anonymous said...

I listened and found you to be 'the jack of all trades and master of none', regarding Ufology.
It seems you are riding on your Uncle Stan Friedman's coat tails.

It is strange you did not interview Linda Molton-Howe, for your cattle mutilation video. George asked you about that, but you did not answer him. She has been the pioneer investigator and writer in the field of cattle and other animal mutilations and their possible links to ufos.

Kyle said...

Hey Paul -

It appears that reactions to your C2C stint run very clearly black or white...very little "grey". LOL

Not surprising, really.

I still think Serpo is leading up to a movie release...viral discussion-forum marketing with a "Blair Witch" touch of faux "reality". If so, I look forward to seeing what those red-suited folks in Close Encounters experienced after "lift-off".

Great show!

All the best,


Anonymous said...

Paul, great show! Thanks for educating us Yanks on Hellyer's political past as well. Great stuff all around. Now they need to get Mac Tonnies on...

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

Paul, I'd comment on your radio gig but I'm on the wrong coast. Sounds like it was a big hit. Congrats!

Paul Kimball said...


Thanks. I think it's important for our friends south of the border, who might be tempted by the fact that Mr. Hellyer is a former Minister of Defense, to know the truth about his career, from which they can then draw their own conclusions.

After all, just because someone was a Minister of Defense doesn't make them credible, does it?

Then again, perhaps Mr. Hellyer's ardent supporters will be just as quick to embrace Donald Rumsfeld, should he ever come out in favour of UFOs in the same way sometime down the road.


Paul Kimball said...


Here's the easy answer to why I didn't interview LMH for the cattle mute film - it's about Fern Belzil, not LMH, and I wanted to focus as much as possible on Fern. Plain and simple.


Paul Kimball said...


I had the distinct pleasure to meet and interview Barry back in 2001 for the Stanton T. Friedman is Real documentary - he's in the film. He was a real gentleman, and a lot of fun to chat with.

I look forward to reading the new book.


John said...

I'm very interested in the one caller who made mention of the man made flying caft from the 1800s. I recall reading somewhere of a man from San Francisco area in the 1800s who stated he'd made a flying machine that used electricity. This is really getting interesting for me, as I have read much of the writings of John Searl of England. It would be so great to find out about an inventer in America who learned the secret of Levitation and Manuverability with this special "coil" that was mention who traveled from somewhere in Texas to somewhere in Colorado in about 45 minutes! Wow! Please sir. More!?


Paul Kimball said...


The caller mentioned that he would send me some info, but I haven't heard from him. If I do, I'll let you know.


Paul Kimball said...


Sorry you feel that way. Rest assured, however, that the one thing I am not is jealous of Corso! I've had the pleasure of talking to former military officers who have had real UFO experiences - guys like Corso just gum up the works with their hoaxes, scams, and tall tales.