Monday, May 29, 2006

My "Other" Radio Appearance

I really enjoyed my time on Coast 2 Coast last week. I made my points (for good or ill, depending upon your point of view), and reached a huge audience. It also helps that George Noory is a good host - a pleasure to talk to, he makes it a conversation, not a lecture, and the three hours flew by pretty quickly.

But C2C wasn't my favourite radio appearance while I was on the road. As much as I enjoyed chatting with George Noory, the two hours (plus) that I spent with Mac Tonnies and Greg Bishop the night before, on Greg's Radio Misterioso program at, was even more fun (even Rear Admiral Zorgrot was there).

Sure, the number of listeners probably only numbered in the dozens (if that), but Greg will have it up at his site soon as a podcast, so you can listen to it there. If you thought I took the gloves off on C2C, I was even more forthright on Radio Misterioso - and so were Mac and Greg. There really were no holds barred.

The best part was getting to chat (in studio) with two guys who have become good friends. I made a point of mentioning Mac and Greg on C2C, as two of the good young(ish) people in ufology, and I meant every word of it. They're bright guys, with myriad interests outside ufology - which is how it should be. They're also not afraid to work outside the box, and question ufological orthodoxy - which is probably one of the reasons we get along so well, even when we disagree!

Keep an eye on Greg's Excluded Middle site for the podcast (I'll make a note here when he gets it on-line). I think you'll find it well worth a listen.

Paul Kimball

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