Sunday, May 07, 2006

Lyrics - Vol. II

I wrote this one back in 1996 - it seems even more applicable today.

Beware of people with easy answers, and beware of people who prey upon your fears, and tell you that "this group" or "that group" is to blame for all your problems.

In other words, don't get played.

Paul Kimball

Strange Deliverance

An incident occurs down the street
go and find out who has died,
then let the dead bury their own dead
and follow me.

Words hang loosely like your threads
cut them to pieces and pick them up,
throw them back in their lying faces
and follow me to better places.

Another time another man
won't do for you what this one can,
what will you do when you finally see
well, you'll get in line and follow me.

Walk the path of life on coals of flame
you feel the anger, you live the pain,
you're searching for someone to blame
well, follow me and I'll give you their names.

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