Monday, May 29, 2006

LMH & Fields of Fear

While I was on Coast 2 Coast last week, George Noory and I chatted about Fields of Fear, my upcoming documentary about Canadian cattle mutilation investigator Fern Belzil. George asked me if Linda Moulton Howe, perhaps best known in ufology for her work as a cattle mute investigator, was interviewed for the film. I said no, she wasn't, and we moved on from there to other topics.

Interestingly, this has sparked some chatter on various sites. Accordingly, I'd like to expand a bit on why Ms. Moulton Howe won't be in the film.

The film is more the story of Fern Belzil than anything else. It addresses the subject of cattle mutilations, of course (how could it not), but the primary focus is on Fern. In that respect, it is very similar to the film I did a few years ago about Stan Friedman (Stanton T. Friedman is Real) - it addressed things like Roswell and MJ-12, but at the end of the day it was really about Stan, and his work. Ditto Fields of Fear, and Fern.

Given that the primary focus is on Fern, there was simply no reason to even ask Ms. Moulton Howe to appear in the film, as she and Fern barely know each other. Whatever expertise she might have about cattle mutes was covered, from the "pro" side, by Fern himself, and from the "anti" side by Kevin Randle, with locals from St. Paul, Alberta being interviewed about Fern, and Nick Redfern and Greg Bishop chiming in about cattle mutes in general.

You also won't see a discussion of the "government is doing it" angle so popular these days south of the border, because that's not where Fern is coming from (he dismisses this explanation outright).

Given the nature of the film, there was no place for Ms. Moulton Howe in it. Simple as that.

Paul Kimball

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