Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Paul Kimball Produces Jerry Pippin Show??

Have I become a producer for the Jerry Pippin show??

Well, not really. But I was interviewed by Jerry while I was in Laughlin back in February, and he snapped my picture (it's not a good shot, as you can see - I need to lose a few pounds!), which has somehow made its way to his website as the photo for Programming Production and Remote Producer James Smith. You can see the mistake, at least for now, here.

I think it's all part of a Serpo / MJ-12 plot!

Anyway, here's a better, more recent shot of me from the trip to California a week and a half ago, hanging with Rear Admiral Zorgrot at Newport Beach.

Paul Kimball

P.S. Don't tell Jerry - I want to see how long it takes them to figure out the goof!

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Anonymous said...

Didn't take us long to find your comment. Our staff is always on the hunt. At any rate, Jim is the person that took your photo. He even made a joke about it when I posted it (said he was uglier than he thought he was). But he never said that it was not his photo. At any rate, this was the only photo I could connect to being Jim after the Laughlin conference. Perhaps I can convince you and Jim to send me a jpg that you like of yourselves. I will use yours when ever Jerry gives me your interview to be posted.