Thursday, January 19, 2006

Salla Crosses the "Rubicon"

The attack dogs of ufology are usually pretty good at going after guys like me whenever we say or write anything that is even remotely skeptical. Fair is fair - if one is going to step into the public arena and hold forth on any subject, one can expect some criticism, even of the mean-spirited, personal attack variety.

However, I wonder whether these ufological pit bulls are going to go after Michael Salla just as quickly, and vehemently, for his most recent Exopolitics Journal column, wherein he labels ufologists Stan Friedman, Kevin Randle and Brad Sparks as "debunkers".

I would hope so, but I doubt it - "even-handed" and "fair-minded" are not two terms that I would associate with these people, although maybe this time they'll prove me wrong.

For those who missed it, here is what Salla, who will apparently go to any lengths in order to promote exopolitics fraud Philip Corso, wrote about Stan, Kevin and Brad:

"Some of Corso's critics have gone so far as publicly dismissing Col. Corso as a fraud and 'literary hoaxer'. Corso's strongest critics include veteran UFO researchers such as Stanton Friedman, Dr. Kevin Randle and Brad Sparks who collectively have expressed their skepticism. Many of the criticisms made against Corso cross the Rubicon dividing objective criticism and outright debunking. This invites speculation of the motivations of Corso's critics who undertake such a concerted debunking effort against a highly decorated whistleblower whose revelations do much to clarify the UFO phenomenon."

In other words, if you disagree with Michael Salla, no matter how much good, hard work you've put in over the years (decades!) researching and writing about the UFO phenomenon, and no matter how reasoned and well researched your critiques might be, then you are a "debunker" - no better than the dreaded Phil Klass (somewhere Klass is no doubt spinning in his grave)!

In case you weren't sure where Salla stands, however, here is what he wrote about Brad:

"Sparks' criticisms of Corso fail to be consistent. Sparks has been the most dismissive of all Corso's critics when it comes to Corso's background. This suggests to this author that he is motivated to disparage Corso regardless of the documentary evidence supporting Corso's claims."

This is ludicrous, as anyone who has read Brad's detailed rebuttals of Salla's Corso hooey over the past year is aware. He's waded through more UFO-related documents, and talked to more genuine insiders, than most of the rest of us, including Salla, will ever see or talk to in a lifetime. Brad is motivated to get at the truth of the matter, even when it requires him to reconsider his own previously held positions in light of new evidence. To suggest otherwise is shameful.

What about Stan and Kevin?

Salla writes:

"In the case of Friedman and Dr. Randle, both try to disparage Corso by emphasizing his alleged claim in his affidavit of having served on the NSC itself. They ignore Corso's repeated statements, made earlier, to having been a staffer assigned to the NSC. They put great emphasis on what is obviously an oversight on Corso's part that can be attributed to his deteriorating health. They ignore previous interviews and writing which consistently claim that Corso had served on the NSC staff. This suggests both Friedman and Randle are intentionally posturing to disparage the significance of Corso's testimony by over emphasizing inconsistencies in his testimony."

Newsflash for Salla - Kevin, and especially Stan, have been two of the most vocal proponents of the ETH, crashed saucers, government conspiracies (they created the terms "Conspiracy of Silence" and "Cosmic Watergate", for Pete's sake) and covert groups (MJ-12 for Stan, the "Unholy 13" for Kevin) for decades now. If they don't buy Corso's story, that should tell you something!

Salla then concludes:

"The failure of Randle, Sparks and Friedman to consider alternative explanations for inconsistencies in Corso's testimony; their overblown emphasis on the significance of the inconsistencies; and their lack of effort to reach a balanced conclusion over the pros and cons of Corso's testimony, suggests they have crossed the Rubicon from objective criticism into debunking."


Here's the truth, folks.

Stan, Kevin and Brad have all responded as politely and patiently as possible to Dr. Salla's "theories" over the past year - Kevin, at his blog "A Different Perspective", even printed, without comment, a rebuttal by Salla to something that Kevin had written.

It has been Salla that won't look at the evidence objectively. It has been Salla who has taken the low road, with his ad hominem attacks and his petty posturing. It is Salla that has crossed the "Rubicon" of reasoned discourse.

I'm sure Stan, Kevin and Brad will be a bit more diplomatic than I'm about to be, but I've had it. Salla has really gone too far this time. Besides, they're elder statesmen - I'm just the new guy, the "New Thug", the "klasskurtzian". People seem to expect me to "go after" people.

Fine - when people deserve to have someone "go after them", like Salla does, I aim to please.

So here it is...

Michael Salla's Phd isn't worth the paper it's printed on, not because it isn't from an accredited institution of higher learning, but because Salla has disgraced himself, and brought disrepute on his chosen field of study (ufology), through:

(a) his actions and statements;

(b) his lack of academic comity with his fellow researchers, and;

(c) his failure to apply even the most minimal standards of academic and intellectual rigour.

In other words, he (and his goofy fellow travellers) are a blight on the serious study of the UFO phenomenon.

It's time for ufology to give them the collective heave-ho.

Don't appear at their conferences.

Boycott any radio programs or conferences that have them on.

Ban them from Internet groups and lists.

Give them the cold shoulder from this point forward.

They deserve nothing more, and the serious study of the UFO phenomenon demands nothing less.

Paul Kimball


Jack Rousseau said...

Paul - Ouch! And yet every word that you write rings true. Well said. Hopefully people listen. - JJR

The Odd Emperor said...

Don’t mince words--what do you really think? ;)

Long ago I decided that diplomatic negotiation with lunatics is a waste of time. These people are not interested in furthering UFOlogy, all they seem to want is recursive validation. A tail chase that leads them exactly nowhere.

Science is not about proving some pet belief system no matter how attractive it may be. It’s about sifting for facts out of large stinky piles of bull poop. Otherwise it’s non-science (read nonsense.) Exopolotics is to UFOlogy as Intelligent Design is to Biology. At least Biology is a real field while UFOology is only real to a small (and dwindling) number of people who are courageous enough to face facts.

Don Maor said...

i do not see the big insulting style in sallas article, which is what you are meaning Paul.
the guy may be wrong, but the situation deserves only a formal rebuttal of Salla's claims. your angryness is somewhat unfair.

i do understand it at all; you have tryed to spoil the majestic-12 theory of Stan (i think you were pretty far from spoiling it), but now when a guy tries to spoil other stan's and kevin's and brad's theory you stand up in angryness.

this situation only is worth of a rebuttal. Nothing more.


MIA said...

I was hoping for some INFORMATION re Corso-hoax or not...but there is nothing of the sort here- i obviously have missed the main show- so can you anyone someone please direct me to some substantial documentation concerning the non-validity of Corso etc.

Paul Kimball said...


Salla called Stan, Kevin and Brad "debunkers" which is about the worst insult you can hurl at ufologists - particularly two veteran ETH supporters, Stan and Kevin, and a guy, Brad, who has spent over 30 years digging in places Salla has never even dreamed of.

Salla knows the term is a loaded one. It was a calculated, intentional personal attack, and it was, in the context, beyond any bounds of reasoned discourse.

Salla is a disgrace.


Paul Kimball said...


If it's information that you're looking for, I would wander over to the UFO Updates Archive (go to and search Corso, along with Salla, Friedman, Sparks and Randle.

Also try Kevin's blog entries at:

Then Stan's website, at:

Those are all good starting places (the Lovekin article at Kevin's blog is not related to Corso in particular, but makes the same points about another supposed "Whistleblower").

Or for the broader question of exopolitics, go to:

Scroll down to my March 1, 2005 column.

Thanks for stopping by.


R. Dean said...

Paul Kimball said...

"Salla is a disgrace."

Amen, brother. I was rattling the cage about Salla, Webre, et al., back in Auguest of 2004; it pleases me to see that others have continued to more-than-adequately address this "exopolitical" nonsense. As you know, I bailed UFO Updates back then (the third such bail for me,I believe)after yet another of Mr. Lehmberg's loquacious assaults on my character. Not that I really cared one way or another; I simply had grown weary of the stink of it all.

Be that as it may, having returned from an Nth dimensional space (where, among other things, I got into a torrid menage a trois with Semjase and Aura Rhanes), I'm once again receiving the list on a strictly lurking basis. ;-)

Keep up the good work, Paul,

Very best,
Rod Brock

Paul Kimball said...


I remember your "rattling" back then. It pre-dated my "rattling" simply because I was unaware if exopolitics and Salla at the time (busy making films and all). Someone directed my attention to it months after the fact - well said.

As for Mr. Rove's... er, Mr. Lehmberg's, attack-dog style of "discourse", the less said, the better - although I still smile when I recall his reference to me as a "rapacious net weasel". I have to admit, that one was amusing - at least much more so than the usual slags, like "klasskurtzian" or "pelicanist", or the really nasty ones like "book burner" and "Christo-fascist".

I should note for anyone reading this that Rod's website, The Magonia Exchange, is well worth a look. There's some interesting stuff there that serves to remind people that the UFO (er... UAP) phenomenon, whatever it is, pre-dates 1947. I'll add it to my sideboard links.

Thanks for stopping by Rod!

Best regards,