Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Blog Evangelist

Like anyone recently converted to "something", I have become an evangelist for that "something" - in this case, blogging. It's as easy as 1-2-3, as evidenced by the fact that I have mastered the basic technical requirements to get up and running, and then keep on bloggin'. I tell all my pals to give it a go. I've been working on Stan Friedman to give it a try (I think his would be a very popular blog), but no luck yet, which is odd, given that "arch-rival" Kevin Randle has had a UFO blog up and running for some time now, and I've never known Stan to take a back-seat to Kevin on anything. C'mon, Stan - join the blogosphere!!

Of course, not all blogs are UFO-related (it just seems that way to me sometimes). My latest convert is my friend, Halifax actress Veronica Reynolds, who will be hosting the upcoming Best Evidence: Top 10 UFO Cases documentary, as well as providing some voice-over work for Fields of Fear. She has just started a blog called Am I There Yet.... Hurrah!

As for the rest of you, no time like the present to get the bloggin' bug!

For example, I'm waiting for my pal Ignatius T. Pig (aka Indiana Ig) to start one called I hate Liberals, especially liberals.

My old buddy Zeus T. Pig (formerly known as the Control Monkey) could start one called The B.B. Fortress, wherein he could post his "deep thoughts." Or maybe Sunken Costs.

My fiance Linda could start one called A House Full of Bears, or maybe just Stuffed.

My niece Emily could start one called Uncle Paul: Stinky No More.

My parents could start one called We Should Have Quit While We Were Ahead, about the idea of only having had one child, as opposed to three.

And so on.

I'm sure they would all make for riveting reading!

Paul Kimball


The Odd Emperor said...

Hey, I think it would be wonderful if Friedman started writing his own weblog. Just tell him, for god’s sake; don’t do what Hoagland did!

Hopefully, Stanton would be smarter than that. Hoagland committed seppuku by expounding on one breathtakingly stupid idea after another. Then systematically defending the ideas like they were God’s own truth handed down on some stone tablets on a mountain. The only way he’s going to recover from that debacle is by just pretending it never happened (which I think is exactly what I think he’s doing.)

I’ve never met Dr. Friedman but I’ve met his son on a couple of occasions. He runs in a couple of the same circles I do. Nice fellow, very quiet but, quite a mover.

Paul Kimball said...

Your Imperial Greatness:

Yup, Stan's a fine fellow. I think his blog would be quite interesting, especially if it was structured along the lines of a memoir of his decades in ufology. I think people would like that.

By the way, however, it's just Mr/ Friedman. Stan's a bright guy, but he doesn't have a doctorate, a fact which he is always the first (when he hears someone refer to him as "Doctor") to explain.


The Odd Emperor said...

Whups! My mistake! Teach me for not looking carefully enough!

His son has a Ph.D. though. (He holds a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Chicago,) (BTW, I could be wrong about that this person *is* his son too. I’ve never asked him but, the resemblance is striking.) I think I looked up the public record somewhere (long ago) and found the connection.

Paul Kimball said...

Oh, Great Imperial Wonderman:

Um... I still think you're mistaken. To the best of my knowledge, Uncle Stan doesn't have any kids who hold Phds... at least none that ever made it to the family reunions. :-)


Mac said...

Keep preaching the blogging gospel.

Praise Google!

Paul Kimball said...




The Odd Emperor said...

Know what? You are correct!

The fellow I know is the son of Nobel Prize winner Milton Friedman, I must have seen this like, fifteen years ago and got the two mixed up.