Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Latest UFO Review is Top Notch

Check out the latest issue of Stuart Miller's on-line mag, UFO Review. Stuart always puts together an interesting read, but in this issue he's really hit the mark. There's an excellent, no-holds barred interview with UFO Updates / Strange Days... Indeed guru Errol Bruce-Knapp (more on that in a moment), as well as good interviews with the marvelously sexy paranormalist vixen supreme Kitty Klaw, and Joe McGonagle, owner and moderator of the "ufologyinuk" mailing list.

As an added bonus, for those of us that like lists and awards, Stuart provides his "The UFO Review Biggest Pile of Ufological Crap in 2005 Awards".

The interview with EBK is the best feature this month. Stuart goes all the way back to EBK's youth, and gives us an idea of the man, and the experiences he's had over the years that have brought him to the point he is at today. And Errol lets fly on some well-known figures in ufology, particularly the exopolitics crowd. An excerpt:

"SM: Why don’t you care for [Steven Greer]?

EBK: Because he’s a loose-cannon. The man is erratic and he can’t focus and UFOs is what we’re focussed on and this whole Star Dreams initiative, Star Wars Defence initiative, Steven Greer, the lying shysters and all of the other nonsense this man is spouting just gets in the way and up here in Canada we have one chance. Just like Greer had the one chance at the possibility of getting Senate Hearings in the United States and he blew it. He showed up at the press conference with all of these witnesses without having checked them all out and you got the Warrens and the Clifford Stones and a couple of other people there, all ready to swear on their lives, and lying shysters, some of them.

So what we have now going on is an absorption of Alfred Webre and Steven Greer and all his nonsense and Michael Salla and this is a combination that ain’t gonna work. And as I’ve said to Victor [Viggiani], my concern for Victor is that he’s going to get dragged down and tarred with the same brush as all of these other people. Exopolitics ain’t going to work. They have one run at it here and they’re going to blow it. Shall I tell you what I really think now?

SM: Why are you so confident that it won’t work?

EBK: The problem is, and it was the same thing with the potential for hearings in the United States, one or two bad apples in the barrel screws the whole barrel. You gotta toss ‘em all out. So all they have to do is investigate any one of these people and their claims, like Clifford Stone, who is a shinning example of an Exopolitics witness, and look into his background, and it turns out that very little of it is true, and its goodbye. You throw the baby out with the bath water, and that’s what concerns me.

Let’s focus on UFOs. Let’s not bother with free energy and Star Wars Defence initiatives and all of that stuff. Focus on UFOs. Why is Webre there? What does he contribute?

SM: He’s a futurist.

EBK: (Audible sigh). OK."

On this point, I couldn't agree with Errol more.

Good work, Stuart!

Paul Kimball


Stuart said...

My thanks Paul. Mind you, you seem to have a very interesting project coming up also. Remember, these lady musicians are young and unaware of the unpleasantness of the real world, having dedicated their lives entirely to their profession. You must protect them from any unsavoury individual who would want to take adavantage. Perhaps they might be interested in viewing your collection of Ufological memorabilia?

The Odd Emperor said...

As an added bonus, for those of us that like lists and awards, Stuart provides his "The UFO Review Biggest Pile of Ufological Crap in 2005 Awards".

Damn blamy damit!
I better just try harder!

Alfred Lehmberg said...

You should have said someting... I would have suggested it to him. One of the best examples of a bad example presently available, you could have at least been in consideration. I can't understand how you slipped beneath his radar... wait... yes... yes, I can.
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Paul Kimball said...


No problem - the praise was well deserved. Kitty Klaw?! Damn good work, although it's funny how when I did my top 10 sci-fi babes list, a certain humourless someone raked me over the coals for being a misogynist (or words to that effect), but you get a free pass. I guess it's just me he didn't like. :-)

If you ever take the 'zine to print, count me in as a subscriber.