Monday, January 23, 2006

Exopolitics vs. Ufology - Volume I

Many seem to think that exopolitics is simply part of ufology. Annoying, perhaps, but ultimately harmless.


The key exopolitics proponents do not agree with you. They have a different agenda than the continuation of ufology as currently constituted. It is an agenda to which all of their public pronouncements, appearances, and writings are ultimately directed.

Here is what Dr. Michael Salla had to say earlier this month (you can find the original here):

"Here is a fascinating article on the word'exopolitics' as a contender for new word of the year. That's quite a development and shows how far the exopolitics concept has come into vernacular usage. I recall when 'exopolitics' first made it to theWikipedia Encyclopedia it was dropped due to critics objections, but now it seems to be catching on. That's a welcome development since the concept of 'Ufology' is inherently self limiting. How can one truly know anything about UFOs since by definition they are unidentified? In my view, the UFO concept was contrived by the Air Force intelligence community to keep the 'flying saucer' phenomenon under wraps by a clever word play. Those in the loop could truthfully state that UFOs don't exist since they had already been identified as interplanetary vehicles. The increased recognition of exopolitics in popular usage is a welcome development since the language we use truly does shape our reality. Exopolitics directs attention to the political processes surrounding the extraterrestrial hypothesis which is where our attention needs to be." [Emphasis added - PK]

Hmm.. looks like all of you "ufologists" have been duped for a very long time.

I would with Dr. Salla on one thing - the language that we use does indeed reflect, and often shape, our reality, and people's perceptions of that reality.

Which is why exopolitics is a bad thing, and threatens to turn the serious study of the UFO phenomenon (oops... must remember to not use the term "UFO", lest I was continue to be a pawn of the PTB, aka Powers That Be) into a complete laughingstock.

Paul Kimball

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The Odd Emperor said...

Dr. Salla really gets me peeved. He *knows* better and yet he’s out there perpetrating this fraud (and I do call it a fraud whether intentional or not.)

If it’s not intentional it’s almost worse. Then he’s engaged in recursive self deception as apposed to defrauding people for money, prestige or whatever. What he’s doing in the first approximation is cargo cult science (and I hate to even use the word science in that descriptor but there it is.)

Cargo cult science is when people sit around and pontificate about stuff they would like to see happen as if it already has. It’s like a little kid imagining pony for their birthday. The more you imagine the better chance you have of your new reality taking place. Unfortunately for the UFO field, there has been some scientific correlation between this sort of behavior and belief in aliens.