Monday, January 23, 2006

A Great Day for Canada

Later today, we Canadians will have the good, common sense to turf out the corrupt and tired Liberal administration of Paul Martin, and elect a new, Conservative government led by our next Prime Minister, Stephen Harper. I'll be casting my vote with pride sometime around 6:00 pm AST, and then hunkering down in front of the television to watch the returns, and see if it's a minority government (delaying the inevitable Tory landslide for a year or so), or a small majority.

Either way, here's a note to Stephen Bassett, who speculated last night, without understanding a thing about Canadian politics, that Harper's election will mean that President Bush is more likely to move forward with disclosure (you had to hear it to believe it - of course, Victor Viggiani also speculated that a war with Iran is imminent, and will really just be a distraction to draw attention away from the UFO question, and disclosure. Again, you had to hear it to believe it - these guys really do view everything through the Exopolitics prism):

Dear Mr. Bassett:

Thank you for expressing an interest in Canadian politics on the radio the other night, uniformed though it may have been - at one point, you confused Stephen Harper and Paul Martin, which is a bit like confusing George Bush and John Kerry, but we Canadians are used to our southern cousins (and good friends) being a bit fuzzy as to the details up here. No hard feelings. We're just happy to get noticed every once in a while for something other than William Shatner (you're welcome) and Celine Dion (we're sorry, and please don't send her back)!

However, when Canadians vote later today, the issues first and foremost on our minds (and second-most, and third-most, and... well, you get the picture) will be things like taxes, national unity, the environment, health care, the military, social programs, and so forth - or, perhaps, as relates to our dealings with your country, softwood lumber. Others will vote because they like a particular local candidate, regardless of party affiliation (this factor will allow some Liberals to win in certain ridings where the candidate is far more popular than the party). Almost no-one will vote with UFOs on their mind (there are always exceptions that prove the rule).

What's more, the results will make no difference to "disclosure", because there isn't a single politician of any significance in this country who gives a flying rat's behind about your pre-millenarian ufological "agenda" (which is, of course, different than saying that there aren't any politicians who find the UFO phenomenon interesting).

Proper thing.

Regards, etc.

Paul Kimball

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