Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Big Picture

As of late I've been pre-occupied with work, and politics. But, as Brad Sparks pointed out to me today, it's a big universe out there. It's important to remember that as we go about our day to day lives.

This helps keep things in perspective. It reminds us all that, in the words of Stan Friedman, "space is the place" - or, as Captain Kirk said, "Space... the final frontier".

The future is ours for the taking, if only we have the vision, and the courage. I have no idea what we'll find "out there" - but I know that it's where humanity will fulfill its destiny.

That's the big picture.

Paul Kimball


Anonymous said...

I don't play a lot of computer games (who has the time) but when the mood strikes I play Eve Online. It's pretty amazing.

Here's a good video of in-game play:


Anonymous said...

Gosh, such a big universe. So much to comprehend. John Wesley Chisholm's doing comedy; might this be a sign of the apocilypse?