Thursday, January 12, 2006

Paulitics 101

As Canadian readers are no doubt aware (at least I hope you are), there is an election going on here in the Great White North. Being the political junkie that I am (and a former political operative, of sorts), my limited spare time over the next week and a half, until polling day, will be directed towards my new blog, Paulitics 101.

Accordingly, posts here during that period may be a bit more infrequent than usual, although I'll try to keep up. Still, there are things more important than UFOs (sorry, ET believers and UFO junkies in general, but it's true), and the future of my country is one of them, so until election day (January 23rd) I'll be busy making my own contribution to that debate, in my own way.

Paul Kimball

P.S. The latest poll shows Ed Schreyer in second place in his riding, running about 10 points behind the Tory incumbent.

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