Thursday, January 05, 2006

Fields of Fear - Teaser #1

Speaking of Kevin Randle (in uniform during his recent tour of duty in Iraq, at left), here is an excerpt from an interview with him in my upcoming documentary Fields of Fear, about the animal mutilation phenomenon:

"This idea that alien beings cross interstellar distances and mutilate cattle is absolutely ridiculous, and yet you can't convince people that it's ridiculous. When you look at the whole thing, and you look at study after study after study, when you look at the Rommel Report, you look at what's going on, that conclusion is absurd. It's easy - it's basically predators, with some other little things thrown in, [such as] farmers doing it for insurance money. I know of one case where hunters mutilated a cow for a joke that they were playing on their friends. They found a dead animal and they cut it up. They thought it was hilarious when they read the report in the newspaper. There's some of that going on, but for the most part what you've got is an event which is completely natural, that was understood 50 years ago, and now, suddenly, we have a dead animal, we have some damage to the carcass - well, obviously it's a cattle mutilation."

Kevin comes at the subject as someone who investigated animal mutes for APRO in the 1970s, and drew the conclusion that... well, see the quote above, AND who is an ETH proponent. An interesting perspective, to say the least.

The film will premiere on Space: The Imagination Station, sometime in spring 2006 (when the network notifies me of the exact date, I'll post it here).

Stay tuned for further "teasers".

Paul Kimball


Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,

Any chance those of us without access to the Space channel in Canada can order a copy on DVD?


Paul Kimball said...


I'll set up a special, limited time only offer for Other Side of Truth regulars! :-)

I actually plan to load the DVD, when it is released, with outtakes (some of which, featuring Nick Redfern and myself, are pretty amusing) as well as parts of the various interviews that didn't make the film.

As for interviews, Kevin and his sometimes rival Stan Friedman have one thing in common, at least - they're great in front of the camera, and they're generous with their time!


Don Maor said...

That is my complaint about some ufologists like Randle. They believe some UFOs are extraterrestrial. But they dismiss any activity from these aliens. One can ask: ¿then what the bell are these guys doing here on earth? The response:"abducting and cutting animals" is a resonable one.

The fact (A) that some animal deaths are caused by others animal does not exclude the possibility (B)that some enigmatic animal mutilations are real strange surgery cuts.

Randle should say what are aliens doing here on earth. If not, i do not not understan why is he saying that ET beings crashed at roswell. ¿Were they just holidaying?