Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The "Roswell Slides" Scandal - Who is Adam Dew?

Anthony Bragalia is apparently very good at looking into peoples' background. Well, there's a project that he can sink his teeth into if he wants to earn some redemption for the role he played in the Roswell Slides fiasco. He should put all of his energy into answering one key question: Who is Adam Dew, the man behind all of this? 

If Mr. Bragalia really believes that he is the innocent victim in all of this, a naive but honest man who was led astray by someone who played fast and loose with the truth, then I would imagine he would want to look into the background of the man who started it all. I have no doubt that the ufological community would welcome the effort.

I know I would.

Paul Kimball


Tom said...

Of course Bragalia will not pick up that gauntlet, even if you did throw it down somewhat satirically. Because, then he would be doing, you know, actual research on the Roswell Slides Hoax.

Our Friend, Little Richard, is sadly whining on his blog at KGRA Radio -

"I should add to anyone who hasn't been paying attention that I never at any point endorsed the slides as representing something extraterrestrial."

Bloody Hell? And here's his quote from Reuters -

""Analysis of the body ... suggested this is not a mummy and not a human, not a mammal and not a model," says enthusiast Richard Dolan, Reuters reports."

So which is it Richard? The poor fella can't remember what he said just a few days ago. Oh, and he surely is playing the party line until Maussan's check clears.

Tom said...

Well, here's his LinkedIn Page anyway - I noticed he left "Alien Slides Hoaxer" off his resume. -


Movie Props said...

The question is not who is Adam Dew, but who is Catherine A. Callahan? She's listed as the director/writer of the fully funded "Kodachrome" documentary that everyone seems to have thought was being produced by Slidebox Media.

And the Kodachrome documentary is listed as Comedy Short!?


Ross said...

If you accept the hospitality, the fee, and you stand on stage opining about this rubbish then you have endorsed it.

He was bought in to add a bit of credibility and sell more tickets.

Ross said...


Catherine A. Callahan

Brian B said...

Callahan can be found here:


There are others listed too. My understanding is that stage actors/actress's and film writers often invest in these small ventures in hopes of a little $$ return on their investment. They also work them to get more experience on their CV. Dew might know them from sports connections.

Tim Printy said...

I think Dew has a lot more to worry about than Bragalia these days. His entire scheme to make money off the slides has blown up in his face and his "kodachrome" movie that he has invested so much time and money is a bust.

Loki said...

"Who is Adam Dew?

...right 'Pauldur', like I didn't try to point out Dew's questionable background to you previously?

Tom said...

Ross said...
"If you accept the hospitality, the fee, and you stand on stage opining about this rubbish then you have endorsed it.'

Could not have said it better myself. Dolan has only further exposed himself as a huckster with his faux denials of any involvement in this stupid charade.

Steve Sawyer said...

I don't think the comedy short "Kodachrome" directed by Catherine Callahan is the same "Kodachrome" as the Adam Dew produced teaser/trailer about the slides.


According to this link, Callahan's comedy short is to be released tomorrow, May 13th.

Dew's "Kodachrome" trailer was released a couple months ago, and is unlikely to have been listed on IMDB in the first place, given its purpose and nature.

Google search may be our "friend," but sometimes it is also rather misleading. As in this case.

Paul Kimball said...

Yes, Loki, you mischief-maker you... but nothing you provided linked directly to Dew. His work and background is now relevant given events, but it needs to be specific to him.


Loki said...

Sadly, after much painstaking research into the possible creative accomplishments of Adam Dew, I find that much as the honorable Anthony J. Bragalia, I TOO must offer a mea culpa for my errors...

For it turns out that Adam Dew is an internationally successful writer/director, perhaps best known for his action classic:

'Fake Purse Ninja'!!!

Anonymous said...

The plot originally had a blurb that talked about the slides and UFOs. It was edited roughly around the time Dew took his placard rebuttal off his website.