Thursday, May 14, 2015

Don Schmitt Apologizes

Is he sincere? Who knows? If he is then he will withdraw from the public part of ufology - no more books, no movies, no more lectures. Responsibility entails consequences.

Based on his past record, I doubt we'll see that from him. Britney probably sums up the whole lot of them. But maybe Schmitt will surprise me this time and do the honourable thing all the way through.

If so, good for him and happy trails on the rest of his journey. If not... well, that's why we all have blogs.

Paul Kimball


Tom said...

A weak apology at that. But, it was something. I don't expect Dolan to ever be man enough to do even that much.

Unknown said...

The "experts" who identified the body as humanoid but not human, the person who reconstructed the corpse into a 3d model etc. So many failings.

No mention of refunds in that apology either

Paul Kimball said...

This in from one of our RSRG members who is in contact with Maussan's camp:

"Schmitt is telling Maussan that he confessed due to pressure from a company that'd he'd named, but that actually had not conducted an analysis. The company's lawyer has forced him to deny everything. This is believed to be an excuse by Schmitt to get him out of trouble with Maussan."

And so it continues...


Tom said...


Well that's just freakin hilarious. What, has Maussan put a stop payment on Schmitt's check?