Sunday, May 10, 2015

Truth and Lies

As those of us in the Roswell Slides Research Group worked toward finding out the truth about the so-called "Roswell Slides," some of us were subjected to smear campaigns by the most vociferous Slides promoter, Anthony Bragalia.

Here's an example about me, alluded to in a post at Kevin Randle's blog yesterday when Randle wrote, "Paul Kimball, who has been recently and unjustly vilified for his anti-slides stance." It comes from an e-mail that Bragalia sent to my RSRG colleague Tim Printy (and my understanding is that this claim was made to others):
You have allowed your team member Kimball to call Dr. Edgar Mitchell at home out of the blue to disturb him.. You have no moral compass, no filter- you have become desperate.  Kimball urged Mitchell not to attend the event and your reputation  -such as it is- will suffer immensely. You will personally be called out as a harasser and antagonizer who works with a mentally unstable alcoholic to derail other people's hard work.  How could you do this? What is wrong with you? When the world finds out how you operate, that you have no scruples and will stress-out and attack elderly people to get your way- no one  will ever want anything to do with you. My god, Tim, this is over-the-top and you have finally revealed yourself as a repellent nut. Btw, your foul attempt did not work..
To be clear, the claim that I contacted Mitchell was a lie. To be clear, I am not an alcoholic. That claim was also a lie. Either one of them would be grounds for legal action were I to pursue it further. Fortunately for Mr. Bragalia, I am not so inclined. I've got better things to do, and Mr. Bragalia, like his fellow Slides promoters, is now irrelevant.

But I want to let you know that this is what we were up against, folks. These are the people we were dealing with. Secretive, abusive, deceitful, and very, very angry when you challenged their claims, right up to Adam Dew accusing us yesterday of photo-shopping the placard research - another lie. 

For our part, while we skeptics can wield sharp elbows from time to time, and also have been known to pull a good-natured prank or two at the expense of self-important con men and true believers, our research itself was above board, peer-reviewed, factual... and open-sourced for everyone to look at

Finally, we had no financial stake in the story. Our only interest was in getting to the truth of the matter.

And that's the fundamental difference between the Slides Promoters and the rest of us.

Paul Kimball


Mark UFO'Connell said...

Amen to that. Your team's transparency throughout this whole episode has been impressive and admirable.

Paul Kimball said...

Thank you, Mark. I got slammed when I published the real name of Eleazar Benavides, even though he had appeared in several films, including Dew's Kodachrome trailer, and even though it was easy to figure out who he was. Once we knew exactly who EB was, it was easy to determine that he was never a Lieutenant as claimed by Adam Dew - an important piece of information that would have been unavailable to the public if the secretive Slides Promoters had had their way.


Kandinsky said...

Hiya Paul, I notice that Mr Bragalia's apology, over at Rich's site, is a lengthy side-step that amounts to 'It's all Dew's fault' and 'lessons will be learned.'

It seems like most of the energy in this field is now generated from friction between groups. There's no novelty in the system any more so it has to be enhanced by drama.

My own expectations are so low that I originally doubted that the body in the slide was even genuine. I suspected an artificial model to be used for a con. When Maussan's involved, it's reasonable to expect the worst.

Now I'm wondering what the next drama will be? Greer's been quiet for a while and might be fancying a holiday in the Maldives? Whoever steps up, ufology remains becalmed in its own little Maunder Minimum.

Loki said...


Allow me to paraphrase Mark Twain/Benjamin Disraeli here:

"There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and Roswell 'research'."

Terry the Censor said...

> I am not an alcoholic.'re not a Leafs fan, then?