Thursday, May 07, 2015

Anthony Bragalia

For someone who couldn't shut up about the "Roswell slides" prior to the May 5th fiasco, Anthony Bragalia seems curiously silent in the aftermath of the event. No more defamatory e-mails about me sent by e-mail to friends (no, I never called Edgar Mitchell - that was what we call a "lie"), no more boasting comments on blogs... nary a peep.



Paul Kimball


I, Warren said...

So something good came out of this brouhaha after all!!

GordonShumway said...

As I know you are aware, Bragalia's bizarre behavioral patterns are exactly the same as Kal Korff's assaults on Randle (and you too, as I recall):

I found it very timely that in Randle's blogpost above he states:

"Have I made other mistakes? Sure. I believed Don Schmitt was my friend and a credible investigator. I didn’t know he was telling people that I had been planted on him and that he suspected me of being a government agent. When some of his lies began to crash down, I defended him. The last straw for me was to learn that he had been telling people not to talk to me. That from my partner in investigation and this doesn’t even begin to cover the damage he has done to the Roswell case and UFO investigation."

Randle wrote this over 8 years ago, not just yesterday after the beWITNESS flop!

Capt Steve said...

Perhaps someone should call Bragalia's local police department and have them do a wellness check?