Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The "Roswell Slides" Movie

The poster basically says all that there needs to be said. Courtesy of the talented Jeff Ritzmann.

Paul Kimball


Loki said...

wow...just wow!

...and now that you have been given the poster/DVD cover, perhaps you might consider throwing together a short little documentary on all the fun, mighty 'Pauldur'?

Paul Kimball said...

I have happily moved on to feature films, God of Mischief. Besides, if someone were to make a televised production of the Slides Saga (ooh... I like that!), it would be more of a soap opera than a documentary.


Terry the Censor said...

I like this trend.


Kent said...


Unknown said...


Tom said...


I know you're going to be/are quite busy with your films, but gotta do me a favor;

Keep on this, from time to time, here.

This scam is the gift that keeps giving. I haven't had this much fun in ufology for many years.

I'm beyond trying to convince true believers what a charlatan Dolan is, only to be called an apostate. I've moved on to seeing this (the hoax) as a goldmine of material, in & of itself.

Like you once said - Dolan is everything wrong with ufology in a nice tidy neat little package.

I, Warren said...

Hopefully it's a silent movie :)

Red Pill Junkie said...

I think Jeff forgot to include Whitley Strieber and Linda Howe. I'm listening right now to last Monday's Dreamland podcast, in which he invited her and Maussan to discuss (read 'defend') the slides...

Loki said...

Pauldur, I am reposting here what I just posted on Rich Reynold's blog as insurance against RR's proclivity for "thread deletion":

" Terry the Censor said...

> David Rudiak called for UFO-blog commenters to use their real names

It's kind of silly. Will Rudiak require that we show our papers for his personal inspection? Will Rudiak decide if our screen name sounds "real" enough? Etc."

Please allow me to pile on.

Does this mean that Rudiak is telling us that he totally endorses the body of work of his 'Dream Team' partner Don Schmitt, whose decades of documented confabulations (even causing his 'Dream Team' inspiration Kevin Randle to condemn him) are insignificant because Don uses his real name?

OR, maybe Rudiak means that since "Anthony Bragalia" is on Rudiak's team we should ignore the fact that this person's real name is "Anthony Bragaglia"?:



So Rudiak:

What is truth???

Terry the Censor said...

> Loki said...
> So Rudiak: What is truth???

I endorse this message.