Friday, May 22, 2015

UFO$, Inc. - Volume I

For many people interested in the subject of UFOs, it is just a hobby. There are also the true believers, of course.

But for a small group, it's a corporation - UFO$, Inc. For them, it's all about the money. Like the entertainment industry, they constantly have to generate new content to stay profitable, almost always riffing on the same basic stories and themes that they have been pushing for decades. They are a transnational conglomerate, no different in principle from Exxon or Lockheed - Martin (even as they are clearly penny ante in terms of practical impact)... or, in a less formalized sense, the Bilderberg Group.

So I've decided, in the wake of the "Roswell Slides" fiasco, to list the people who clearly comprise the Board of Directors of UFO$, Inc.

Some of them are con men / women and frauds, a few are true believers in the flying saucer gospel who are also very adept at turning that belief into buckets of bucks, and some of them are a bit of both. I'll let you, the readers, decide into which category each Board member fits.

First up - Linda Moulton Howe, the grand dame of UFO$, Inc.

More to come.

Paul Kimball


Tom said...

You chose a great picture for this piece. And by great, I mean perfectly revolting. When is she going to go on Social Security and stop bothering people with her nonsense? (I know, when the money stream dries up)

purrlgurrl said...

As you're compiling your list, please include the alien abduction promoters, not just the phony researchers, but the blogs and writers who promote it, even if only occasionally. These people, along with the Roswellians, are among the most mercenary in the entire paranormal universe.

Kandinsky said...

Might that list include the host of a popular radio show? Or perhaps anyone affiliated with the 'disclosure' group. Those guys alone seem to represent the corporate face of popular ufology.

I won't name any names as you won't want some asshole coming in and spoiling what could be an interesting series of posts.

I recall an interview you did years ago where someone slapped their ass in your general direction. Shades of Monty Python's French taunters and a likely candidate for your list :)

Loki said...

Yo Pauldur!

While I could mention that Howe in your photo shows strong indication of the dreaded "J. J. Hurtak Beret-wearing/Inappropriate Hair Dye Syndrome", which we all enjoyed most recently at that "beWitness" SlideFest2015, I'd rather offer some info on the "Strange Harvest" queen bee's history.

In 1984 there was a fascinating old school investigative journalism look at the then current UFO-cattle mutilation fad, 'Mute Evidence':

(this book and its contents seem to be very difficult to find on the

In it, Howe bragged that as a girl, her best friend's dad was Kenneth Arnold, and that she used to sit on his lap as he told her about UFOs!!!

(I read this myself decades ago)

As I await delivery of an old copy of 'Mute Evidence' to verify my memory exactly, I can but offer Howe's own words as partial confirmation:

"My name is Linda Moulton Howe. I grew up in Boise, Idaho, where my father, Chet Moulton, was Director of Aeronautics for Idaho. One of his friends was Kenneth Arnold, who reported the unidentified flying objects over Mount Rainier in June 1947, and a local reporter coined the phrase “U.F.O.,” unidentified flying objects."

Unknown said...