Saturday, May 09, 2015

The Roswell Slides placard

Adam Dew and Anthony Bragalia are claiming that the image from which we derived the proof that the "alien" body is actually a human mummified child is a fake - that it was photoshopped. I believe Jaime Maussan has said the same thing.

This is categorically untrue. The only change made was an increase in the contrast to accentuate the actual letters on the page (which were deblurred using simple commercially available software). Nothing was added.

I think we all know who the fakers are in this.

Paul Kimball


Tom said...

Well done! Dolan is also a big loser in this fiasco since he solidly hitched his wagon to this hoax.

Paul Kimball said...

Yes. Stan Friedman was smart enough to stay away, but Dolan just couldn't resist... and now he's part of it as much as anyone else because he allowed them to use his name and presence to generate sales for what was clearly a fraud (anyone who believes this was all just a mistake at this point needs their head examined).


Tom said...

I mean, Dolan did a presentation at that circus in Mexico City. Yes, he's in this up to his ears. His participation in the hoax presentation, along with his follow up vitriolic attack on you & your colleagues leads me to believe that he was not just simply duped. He seems to have a vested interest in these slides.