Sunday, May 10, 2015

Richard Dolan and the Roswell Slides

No matter how much he tries to distance himself from the Roswell Slides fiasco now, here is what Richard Dolan had to say about them when he arrived in Mexico City for the BeWitness con job on May 5th.

As with so many other things, it turns out that Dolan was dead wrong. One might expect a mea culpa (even Anthony Bragalia has sort of issued one), but I wouldn't hold your breath. Dolan has become the "Teflon Ufologist" - nothing sticks to him where his fan base is concerned.

Whatever credibility Dolan might once have had has long since been shredded in the eyes of objective observers. But because his fan base remains loyal and starstruck, Dolan Inc. just keeps chugging along. 

Paul Kimball


Loki said...

Very nice, Paul! it just me, or do Dolan's words tread dangerously close the many pearls of dumbass wisdom offered by Ricky of 'Trailer Park Boys'?

Mike said...

This question of his credibility might be helpful to look at in the broader context, like has been described by Jerome Clark for example in his The UFO Book (the one volume encyclopedia version). In the 1980s, we had the Roswell case and then disinformation seeded memes of a government cabal, which even had a treaty with aliens with dark intent. Clark goes on to observe how John Bircher like memes became wedded to the developing picture. Despite Bill Moore's 1989 revelations, everyone proceeded down this path. I think I remember Dolan being one of the Truthers also.....We had the 1995 alien autopsy, the 1997 promised Roswell debris (sadly dangled while the national media was watching), and now this.......Any aliens that may be covertly sharing this space with us are probably much more secure in the privacy department now!!!

Tom said...

Paul, I had such high hopes for Dolan at one time. But now, he is only interested in the commercialization of ufology. He has aligned himself with some pretty dubious characters; Maussan, Carey, Schmitt, Moulton-Howe & Romanek, to name a few. How he could support Romanek's obvious hoax of his "aliens in the window, is incredulous. Even more incredulous, is his continued support for Romanek even after his arrest on child pornography charges.

I guess Stan & Jacques Valle are the only two left in this field with credibility.

Petra said...

For goodness' sake. The guy speculates and makes it very clear he's speculating. There is no sin to apologise for when a speculation identified as such is proven wrong.