Monday, May 11, 2015

Bragalia - Famous at Last!!

The Mirror in the United Kingdom reported today on the Roswell slides fiasco, with the result that "slides" promoter Anthony Bragalia has now become the poster-boy for ufological incompetence in the mainstream media. An excerpt:
The UFO 'believer' community has been rocked by an admission that a photograph of an alien was actually the mummified remains of a dead child. An image taken from the so-called Roswell Slides was unveiled last week in front of a worldwide online audience at an event called Be Witness. Ahead of the big reveal, researchers said the picture was a "smoking gun" which proved aliens had crashlanded on Earth. But these claims are now in tatters after Tony Braglia, a "principal investigator" who analysed them, issued an astonishing public apology. He said the dead alien (pictured below) was actually a Native American child who lived in the abandoned ancient city of Mesa Verde.
For everyone he has threatened, insulted and harassed for the past three years (yours truly included), karmic Christmas has arrived!

Mr. Bragalia can always look at the bright side, I suppose - at least now he's referred to as a "world-famous researcher." Alas, it's fame for all the wrong reasons... and in a final well-deserved indignity, they didn't even spell his name right.

Paul Kimball


Tom said...

LOL. "...they didn't even spell his name right."

Paul, sorry you had to go through that attempt at character assassination by Anthony. I've had it happen to me, unrelated to this of course, so I empathize.

I would not expect Dew, Maussan, Schmidt, Carey and/or Dolan to apologize or explain as it will just reinforce the lack of "scientific" rigor that made up this "research". This would likely cause others to examine their source material and other hearsay and speculations.

Someone with the bona fides like you Paul needs to challenge Dew's statement of how he acquired the slides.

I have yet to read anything other than hearsay on that, with the sources now proven to be frauds.

Paul Kimball said...

Well, you definitely won't get an apology from Dolan, who represents everything that is wrong with modern ufology in one neat little glib package of profiteering.

In fact, he just said so on his radio show:

"Anyone who wants an apology from me on this is going to have to keep waiting." - Dolan

So there you have it. Even Bragalia managed to do better.

Tom said...

Dolan's arrogance screams of deception. Of course he had a vested interest in this hoax. He touted the slides before the unveiling, did the final presentation in Mexico City and vociferously defended the slides in the immediate aftermath, as all was crashing & burning around him.

To hear him backpedaling now, as if he had no part in this, is just childish. He thinks he's the smartest guy in the room.

The RSRG showed him to be at the very least stupid and naïve.

KRandle said...

I have been asking that question for months. I have tried to find out if anyone spoke to the owner of the slides and how they arrived but all I have heard is the same tired story. To one inquiry, all I heard was "Dew lied." So the story of the origin is unverified.

Paul Kimball said...

None of the story they spun adds up or rings true. It reeks of a clumsy con, which makes it even more amazing the some people bought it hook, line and sinker.

Tom said...

Good for you Kevin. At this point, I'm not buying the back story either. Why should I? When those closest involved did not ask the simplest of questions?

Come on. We're not children here. This is just me saying this, but I think it's painfully obvious that a certain number of people did indeed plot a hoax.

Capt Steve said...

What does not add up, at least for me, is Bragalia's role in all this.

He engaged in behavior that trashed his reputation in a very public way, spewing lots and lots of breathless hyperbole about the slides...and yet when the image was finally released the thought crossed my mind that he'd apparently never actually laid eyes upon the actual slides.

And now he's the only one of the 'team' to issue a public apology (not for his behavior or for the fraud, mind you).

To my way of thinking, that suggests one of three possibilities:

1) He was played for a stooge as a means of generating free publicity while fulfilling the role of the fall guy, or

2) He's just a loose cannon, or

3) He damn well knew what he was doing and there was some sort of poorly thought-out strategy to all of this.

I'm leaning towards option 3.

There was some sort of weird game being played that featured Bragalia walking point. Part of it involved the ludicrous hacker story, which didn't make sense at all in terms of how the hacker supposedly compromised email but makes perfect sense if you assume that *Bragalia was the hacker or was at least pretending that his email was hacked*.

It's all very strange.

Tom said...

""Analysis of the body ... suggested this is not a mummy and not a human, not a mammal and not a model," says enthusiast Richard Dolan, Reuters reports."

I just found this online. HAAAA!!