Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Adam Dew - A New Ray Santilli for the 21st Century

Yes, I recognize that by posting this I am helping Dew's viral marketing campaign, but it's all so amusing from a cultural studies perspective that I can't resist. I actually admire his chutzpah. The only question that remains is whether or not the "Dream Team" are actors in the play that is unfolding, or whether they are merely props. 

 Paul Kimball


Curt Collins said...

I notice that there's scant mention of a research team, dream or otherwise, working on the slides.

It sounds like he's gotten more help from independent parties looking into things on their own.

Paul Kimball said...

Welcome to the 21st century, Curt - not only viral marketing for stuff like this, but apparently viral research as well, all while Bragalia rants at Randle's blog the exact opposite sentiments. It's hilarious!

Loki said...

It looks as though Blink-182 will be performing the halftime show at SlideFest2015 in Mexico City:

Terry the Censor said...

Jack Brewer sent me a link to the interview. I made these notes:

Hosts offer alternate IDs of the figure, Dew nods in assent, but then says, “I suppose that's possible” while shaking his head negatively. (Perhaps I've seen too many episodes of the Mentalist?)

Dew: “The Internet has given them the name, the Roswell slides.” But it was you who teamed up with two Roswell researchers!

Asked about the Rays' credibility, Dew says, “We know-- We think that they were well-connected.” He continues, “We know, through people we found, that they knew at least one, maybe multiple preseidents.” Being in a crowd while the prez is barnstorming does not make him an acquaintance, or you "well-connected." If that were the case, then I "know" BB King, Albert King, Albert Collins, Ray Charles and Ichiro Suzuki (who did throw me a ball once, during batting practice, which means I helped develop his arm strength!).

Asked about the figure being a human child with a deformity, and if he's asked experts this, Dew says, “We're trying to find people that will look at it and give those opinions.” They haven't found these experts but they have booked a venue for the big “reveal”?

Dew claims that people trying to debunk the slides are helpful, researching what he has been trying to look into during his spare time the last few years (that just sounds lame, and goes against his dismissive replies to me on UFO blogs).

BoyintheMachine said...

Paul, not only that but Kevin won't allow talk of money being the prime motivation behind this over at his blog. That's a shame because that pretty much appears to be the sole reason behind this, as far as I'm concerned.

I also think that showing of the child mummy pictures in the news segment was not an accident. I think people working on the segment did that either as a joke or to show it's bull shit.

Tim Hebert said...

I heard this scenario from another commentator and it speaks to the absurd logic that may well be in play.

Dew and company, do not have to prove that the slides show an alien. They merely have to infer it. Based on the pathetic attempt to analyze the slides contents with expert opinion Dew only has to state that "at this point in time our experts have not been able to identify the image as alien in nature, but have ruled out human congenital defects or mummification...our experts are stumped due to the creatures uniqueness."

A classic UFO/carnival barker's trick with words. Plausible deniability at its best...I know because I used the same technique when talking to the local public as to whether my Minuteman ICBMs were carrying nuclear warheads back in the early 1980s.

"I can neither confirm nor deny..."

Blink 182? That's the best that could be had for May 5th? Surely DEVO could be prodded to come out of retirement.

Loki said...

Adam, Adam, Adam...

" Adam Dew tells us, “I am a graduate of Northwestern University (BSJ '98). If I wasn't on an actual paying job (as opposed to the slide doc project) I’d post the diploma for you [not me but someone who questioned his credentials],” "

Hmmm....the fine record of the NU Medill School of Journalism supports Adam's assertions, n'est-ce pas?:

Anonymous said...

Paul, you are an extremely jealous person. All this bad talk about the slides before you even see them or have heard the full story on their authentification. And so what if people are gonna make money off this? You would, too, if you had them.

Paul Kimball said...

Dude, I just finished two feature films, have two in development, and start shooting a new one in June. Jealous? You must be joking.

I just don't like crooks and con artists who bilk people out of their hard-earned money. I don't like liars. I don't like thugs. I don't like idiots.

Given that I've just described the Dream Teamers and their associates (depending on the Dream Teamer, one of more of the descriptions may fit), you can see what my problem with them is. I have no issue with people making money (I'm paid quite well to do what I do, and make no apologies because I work hard and give other people good jobs in the process). What I do have an issue with are people so blinded by either greed or a cult-like believerisn or both) that they push something like the "slide show" forward as space aliens.

So screw them.


Terry the Censor said...

> Paul, you are an extremely jealous person.

Jealousy? Anon, you're licking the bottom of the rhetorical barrel, there.

Is that why the English-speaking "slides" team moved the big reveal to Mexico, and put them in the care of professional credulist Jaime Maussan, to keep the slides away from jealous eyes? Or was it to keep the slides away from critical scrutiny?

They're not even publishing the slides in a friendly venue such as the MUFON journal before they turn this thing into cash.

If the slides were the real deal, they would establish that fact first, afterwhich they could monetise the find for the rest of human history!

Their chosen method stinks of chicanery, not science.

> All this bad talk about the slides before you even see them or have heard the full story on their authentification.

You are forgetting that the slides team has already declared -- in public, several times -- that these slides are authentic, that the figure in the slides "is not a creature that finds its origin on Earth,” but without presenting a stick of evidence to support this finding.

Finally, we have seen the slides. They were leaked by the sliders themselves (whether through incompetence or guile, we do not know).

You give the "sliders" a free pass on all that but we must refrain from comment?

At the very least, it is fair game to critique the dubious and public methods of the sliders.

Paul Kimball said...

P.S. What Terry said. ;-)

BoyintheMachine said...

@ Anonymous,

What is Paul supposed to be jealous of? Anyone who is connected to the slides is/will be discredited.

@ Terry,

"Sliders", awesome name and it was a cool t.v. show as well.

Loki said...


(bear with me)

As I have promised RR I would not mention at his blog 'he that cannot be named', I decided to visit you.


I think that all this Media UFO WGN Dew hype Bragalia Feldercarb is simply a Viral Media setup for the USA Nielsen Sweeps Week in early May, AND since "Adam Dew" hails from Cleveland, and he recruited Tom Carey as his foil, please allow me to out on an Arroyo here, and guess that in Mexico City they will announce the NEW:

Dew Carey Show!!!

Paul Kimball said...

Unlike Rich, Loki, I think you're right to question Dew's credentials. If he has been less than honest about them, then nothing else he says can be trusted (particularly given the fact that he's already compromised his credibility by getting into business with Schmitt and Maussan). It should be a relatively easy matter for him to clear up - five minutes of his time, at most. Whilst I'm sure he's on the up-and-up... why wait to settle it?


G. Shumway said...

the "Dew Carey Show"?


Loki said...


I just posted the following on RR's blog; as he has a demonstrated fondness for AJB it may go into the 'spam' folder there through RR's kindness:
And there you have it; AJB has, via his own words, confirmed that the concept of lying is not too uncomfortable to him:

" I don't use the 'dream team' term, do not know where the name comes from, and just continue to communicate findings with people that care about them."

From Randle's blog:

"The response to the announcement of the creation of a “Dream Team” has been met with nearly unanimous approval. There have been the detractors, but there will always be detractors... Nothing can be done about that, other than to say, we haven’t completed the team, and why not wait for the results before you condemn the research.

Tony Bragalia, who is known to many of us as a tireless researcher and who has an interest in a wide range of topics inside Ufology, has agreed to come on board as a consulting researcher. He’ll be working with us as we begin our new research into the Roswell case."

I have to mention that AJB's continuing wild claims and threats remind me of another long time Roswell "expert", who also is inordinately of his own tri-initials - KKK

Loki said...

An Update:

If I am reading this correctly, Libel Law expert AJB is now publicly claiming that Randle is a liar?:

"I was never told that I was part of a 'dream team' when I began working with these researchers.
And the term was never used in any email or conversation to me by them and it was only later that I saw it being referred to on the net as such.
As I said, the term means little to me and your pointing out a reference of it by Kevin from some time ago is hardly 'incriminating' and your use of the term 'lying' in reference to me would be laughable if it were not near-libelous."

Loki said...


I just found this on your Facebook side:

Thanks for sharing, as I missed this.

My initial take-away, before any actual cognitive evaluation:

'Adam Dew' looks like he is positioning to become 'the Paul Kimball of the USA'.

Silly really, kinda like how 'Tom Carey' is positioning to become the 'Indiana Jones' of Ufology, eh?

Paul Kimball said...

He should really aspire to something better than being me. ;-)

Now excuse me whilst I get back to reviewing casting submissions for my next feature film, which we start shooting this summer. :-)


Loki said...


On the general subject of competent filmmaking, while 'Adam Dew' (perhaps a fake name for professional purposes, hence the recanting of his offer to release his NU '98 diploma, since his 'ego-wall' of backstage passes all say Adam Dew?) is the current Chicago-based darling auteur, I offer for your consideration the work of a guy from Milwaukee, 90 miles north of 'Adam', Mike Stoklasa, who actually has some demonstrated talent (and success), not to mention a sense of humor: